Heljan shows Engineering Prototype of North British / Ivatt 10800 ‘wonder engine’ diesel in 00

Heljan first announced that they were to produce the North British 10800 800hp prototype diesel only in February this year, at this weekends DEMU Showcase exhibition they showed an Engineering Prototype (EP).

Heljan 10800 RH side view

As I stated and detailed in my post in February 10800 is not strictly a Southern Region Locomotive, however 10800 did see trials on the Southern Region in 1952. Known by many of the Southern Region steam enginemen on the Central section at the time as the “Wonder Engine” from the locomotive department’s daily query “I wonder if it will go today” due to its poor reliability record and the fact that it spent more time in the works being repaired than actually working trains.

Heljan 10800 EP left hand side view (the vents on the lower bonnet side doors can be seen)

The Heljan model includes: etched metal parts, working marker and cab lights, 21-pin DCC interface, DCC sound provision, sprung buffers and all-wheel drive/pick-up.

Four versions will be available on general release depicting 10800 in different stages of its life, but annoyingly from a Southern Region modellers perspective not as originally built without the lower bonnet door vents as she ran for the majority her time on the Southern Region. The models are priced with an RRP of £234.95 each.

Heljan EP side view
  • 1080 BR Early Emblem Black/Silver 10800 (SR/LMR post February 1954 condition)
  • 1081 BR Early Emblem Black 10800 (SR/LMR condition) WEATHERED
  • 1082 BR Early Emblem Black/Silver 10800 (final BR condition)
  • 1083 BR Late Crest Green 10800

Delivery is expected during 2023.

These will be available via your usual Heljan Retailers such as KMRC.

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  1. Thank you for the update and looking forward to receiving one of these models – very much appreciated.

    As you say, pity about not in original condition.

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