Rapido Trains UK reveal the ex LBSC E1 class 0-6-0t versions being produced in 00 gauge

Hot on the heels of my post last month of the Rapido trains UK ex LBSC E1 class 0-6-0t Cad renders, that can be seen here, the list of the 14 ‘E1’ versions being produced so far to cover all key variations has been revealed as below.

127 ‘Poitiers’, LBSCR Goods Green

Rapido trains UK have done their best to ensure that all the detail variations are covered but, they advise: “to be brutally honest, the ‘E1’ is a nightmare when it comes to small detail changes.”
The LBSC  list is:

    • 936001: No. 145 ‘France’, LBSCR ‘Improved Engine Green’
    • 936002: No. 155 ‘Brenner’, LBSCR ‘Improved Engine Green’
    • 936003: No. 127 ‘Poitiers’, LBSCR Goods Green
    • 936004: No. 122 ‘Leghorn’, LBSCR Goods Green
    • 936005: No. 110 LBSCR Marsh Umber
    • 936006: No. 137 LBSCR Marsh Umber [Edit: 24/08/22 Rapido changed the number was 694]
E1 3269 in BR unlined black

The Southern Railway and BR mainland versions are:

  • 936007: No. B690, Maunsell (pre-1931) Southern black
  • 936008: No. 2151 Maunsell Southern Black
  • 936009: No. 32694 BR unlined black (early emblem)
  • 936010: No. 32138 BR unlined black (early emblem)
  • 936011: No. 32151 BR lined black (no emblem) 


And for those modelling the Isle of Wight or industrial:

W2 in BR Malachite livery on the Isle of Wight
  • 936012: No. 1 Medina, British Railways lined malachite green, with ‘sunshine’ lettering
  • 936013: No. 3 Ryde, Southern black, ‘sunshine’ lettering
  • 936014: No. 30 Hartley Main Colliery livery

These are now available to pre-order with an RRP of £164.95 for DCC ready and £264.95 for DCC Sound fitted at Rapido trains UK and with a discount at stockists such as KMRC.

In there second collaboration with Rapido trains UK, Train Times of Eastbourne announce an exclusive livery for the Rapido LB&SCR E1 in LBSC Lined Black, 2 different locomotives will be available, with numbers TBC. These will be available to order from their website soon.

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