Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to you all, fill up your life with love, compassion, tolerance, peace, happiness and perhaps hopefully some time for modelling.

It looks a lot like snow at Canute Road Quay…
The SR 1924 Christmas advert

The wonderful Southern Railway Christmas press advert from December 1924 seen left (click for a larger version) was recently unearthed by friend and Railway Historian Dr, David Turner, and is a fascinating glimpse back to a different, possibly non striking, time.
I love the promise of “Jolly Parties at the seaside”, I know “summer comes soonest in the south” but that must have been optimistic in December? A neat use of the holly leaves to show the list of Southern Railway served seaside destinations…

As the festive season and New Year break is upon us, I just wanted to say many thanks to all of you whom have taken the time to read my ramblings over the past 12 months. I hope you have found such ramblings interesting and informative.  I have always enjoyed corresponding with many of you that have made contact me via email or the comments field on my various posts. I look forward to corresponding with you again in the New Year and maybe in person at an exhibition…

A further flurry of activity will be taking place at the start of the new year with Hornby (January 10th we beleive) announcing its 2022 range followed a few weeks later, at the beginning of February, by Bachmann making the next of their now quarterly range announcements.  I will as always bring you all the Southern Railway / Southern Region related news on here as soon as their announcements are made.

Seasons greetings, whatever your faith or beliefs, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or Nadelik Lowen ha Blydhen Nowydh Da! from the boss’ side of the Tamar) to you all! 

7 thoughts on “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  1. Thanks for all your posts over the past year and a very Merry Christmas and healthy New Year.

    Which reminds me, the implied criticism of those who feel they have no choice but to strike, and I include the railwaymen, (different, non striking, time.) is not well placed.

    I have worked on NHS Hospital wards for 8+ years as a volunteer and have two daughters who are clinicians in the NHS so I have direct experience of the pressures staff work under. I fully support their action and hope that eventually this incompetent and venal government either pay up or go.

    Kind regards,

    Richard B

  2. It’s at times like this that any activity that offers some escape from the real world around us has extra value It might be it football, family gatherings or modelling railways. I wish you, Graham, and all readers a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and a happy New Year and lots of fulfilment from your hobbies.

  3. Merry Christmas Graham, hope you have a good and restful one and that you for all your postings throughout this year and beyond!

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