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As they have done for a couple of previous years now at around this time, Hornby have reviewed both their available production slots and the pre-orders received for the 2016 range and withdrawn some items from the range. This has included a small number of SR / BR(S) related items. Hornby have in fact withdrawn over 20 items from the range, including a number of their TTS DCC sound range locomotives and also the all BR (ex-LNER) 61’6″ Gresley coaches in Crimson & Cream livery.

I have therefore updated my Hornby 2016 announcement post here to reflect these changes.

The SR / BR(s) related items withdrawn to date are as follows:

  • R3458 – SR 4-4-0 ‘Shrewsbury’ Schools Class –  SR Black with Sunshine lettering [Edit 28/04/16: Item now moved to 2017 range rather than withdrawn]
  • R3386TTS – BR 4-4-0 ‘King’s Canterbury’ ‘30933’ Schools Class – BR Brunswick Green late emblem
  • R4745 BR ‘2-Set W’ Coach Pack, Maunsell BCK + SO (Diagrams 2401 & 2005)

If any further items are withdrawn I will update this post accordingly.

[Edit 28/04/16: A number of the 2016 range items have now been moved to 2017 range, see here for details]


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