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It is often debated in Southern circles if the term ‘unrebuilt’ should or should not be used to describe a Bulleid Pacific in its original form. One school of thought is that if something has not yet been ‘rebuilt’ it can not be ‘unrebuilt’. You might have guessed that if I am honest the use of ‘unrebuilt’ is a pet peeve of mine. Now Hornby, perpetuated by some of the written media have coined the phrase ‘unconverted, to describe the Maunsell Diagram 2005 Third / Second Open coach being released this year. This is I assume come about due to fact that some were converted to form part of the 1959/60 Pull Push sets nos. 600 to 619 but surely in original form they were just that ‘original’ not ‘unconverted’?

I also take this opportunity to clarify a few other things that has  arisen since the announcement last week or correcting misinformation that has either appeared online, in some retail stores listings or in the printed media…

Hornby Bogie Van B’s In Olive and BR(s) liveries (picture copyright and courtesy of Hornby Magazine)

Firstly, contrary to at least one retail site and one magazine, the Bogie van B release is a completely new tooling of a model not previously in the Hornby range. It is neither ‘gangwayed’ or a retooling of the now aged ex Triang/Hornby Gangwayed Bogie Luggage van which is a different prototype entirely.

I can also re-confirm, as this has been questioned on at least one online forum,  that the BR(s) Converted Maunsell Pull- Push Sets will be released both in a train pack as set 600 along with M7 locomotive number 30029 and also as a coach pack as set 610. It should also be worth reiterating that the driving trailer is a completely new tooling of the correct style 1935 built ex diagram 2403 BCK, as this style had flush style windows and droplights rather than the earlier style Maunsell coaches already in the Hornby range.

The release of West Country class 34001 Exeter in early emblem BR livery paired with high sided 4500 gallon tender represents the short period between January 1555 when she received the modified wedge shaped cab and November 1957 when she was rebuilt. I am hoping that the cab side lining will be corrected from the sample (computer generated) image shown on the Hornby website to horizontal lining that it should have when still paired with high sided tender, rather then the paneled lining as shown which would be correct if the tender was cut down.

I was asked a question via a comment on my Hornby announcement post of last week about the Sound Chips used by Hornby in relation to the release of both a rebuilt Merchant Navy and a West Country with DCC Sound. In case you missed my answer, I  obtained the following clarification: the Soundchip will be an ESU LokSound V4.0 with 18 sound functions. Hornby in the past on their sound fitted releases have always used authentic sounds rather than generic and I would be surprised if they changed that policy, especially when recordings from the preserved locos are available. They have previously been developed in-house (which perhaps could in reality be another 3rd party) but not SW Digital.

Image of Pre-production version of the LNER O1 class 2-8-0 (Picture copyright and courtesy of Hornby Magazine)

Although not directly Southern, being from other railway companies, two of the brand new tooling steam locomotives announced did run on Southern metals. The GWR 72xx heavy goods 2-8-2 tanks were regulars at Salisbury on the freights and coal trains from South Wales and the LNER O1 class 2-8-0 freight locomotive number 63789 was used on during the Locomotive exchange trials on the Eastleigh to Bristol (via Salisbury) freight trials in 1948. Last years release of GWR 28xx class 2-8-0 number 3803 also was used on this trial.

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Firstly of course Happy New Year to you all!

Hornby’s 2012 Plans

As I mentioned in my It’s Christmas message this is the time of year that Hornby announce their plans for the coming year. The last couple of years it has been on Christmas Day but this year it has been kept until today to formally make the announcement. Every year there is an issue of a news embargo requested by Hornby following their briefing of the plans to the media in early December until they formally release the information themselves to the public domain.
This embargo was originally, and now somewhat ironically, put in place at the behest of the printed media. You can, however, bet your bottom dollar that one magazine or other, often blaming print / distribution schedules will report on the plans earlier than the official release date, as has once again happened this year.
This also leads to much froth and debate on web forums about what has been released or can and should not yet be said, however, at the end of the day, it is all publicity and noise generated for Hornby.

Although I have known about Hornby’s plans for sometime, unlike some blogs and forums I have respected Hornby’s intended release date hence this post today.
I am not going to provide full details of all their plans but I am happy to outline below the Southern related items that will be of interest to us Southern Modellers.

BR(s) Converted Maunsell Pull- Push Sets and Third/Second Open

Image of Pre-production version (yes minus buffers) of the Hornby Converted Maunsell Pull Push set (Picture copyright and courtesy of Hornby Magazine)

Twenty Pull Push sets were converted by BR(SR) from late 1959 to mid 1960 as replacements for earlier Pull Push sets of SR and pre-grouping design, such as the ex LSWR Gate Stock sets that have already been announced by Kernow Models.
They consisted of an 1935 built ex-Diagram 2403 Maunsell Brake Corridor Composite and a Diagram 2023 (ex 1930 built Diagram 2005) Maunsell Second Open (was designated a Third Open until 1956) neither were styles previously produced by Hornby.

Hornby will be releasing the sets both as a coach pack as Set 610 and a train pack as set 600 with M7 30029 (Picture courtesy of Hornby Magazine)

The brake end was modified by inserting two windows to form a driving compartment, with the corridor connection removed, and droplights replacing the familiar former guard’s lookout duckets. Similarly the outer end of the Second Open had its corridor connection removed but the corridor connection between the two vehicles was retained.

Maunsell Diagram 2005 Third/Second Open (Picture courtesy of Hornby Magaine)

On one hand an obvious choice for Hornby due the success of the standard Maunsell coach range meaning that they have underframes etc. already in place. On the other hand as they did not already have the Diagram 2005 Third / Open Second in the range it has meant two new body moldings. The Second / Third Open type will also be released as a Diagram 2005 loose coach in Olive Green as No. 1400 and BR(s) Green as s1314s.

SR / BR(s) Bogie Van B

Hornby Bogie Van B

Following on from Hornby’s lovely four wheeled Van C released a couple of years ago, the addition of the bogie Van B is a natural and often asked for progression as currently only the Ratio kit is available.
The Van B’s were first built to diagram 3093 in 1937, being 50ft over headstocks, steel framed with mixed 6½” / 3½” planking on the body side and fitted with standard Southern 8ft bogies (as Hornby have already exquisitely modeled on there Maunsell stock). Some were fitted with a stove for the guard the only real obvious difference being the chimney, and in Southern days the livery, as the stove fitted versions were not for working off the SR, identified them by orange painted squares at the top of the sides at each end and the lower part of the Guards door.

Other items

In addition to the above totally new items there will be DCC Sound fitted versions of rebuilt Merchant Navy 35023 Holland-Afrika Line and rebuilt West Country 34040 Crewkerne. The Railroad range will also gain the original old style ‘Schools’ Class as 911 ‘Dover’ in pre 1931 livery, but with loco drive in place of the old tender mounted Ringfield motor. New liveries include: a short frame M7 249 and narrow cab T9 708 with watercart tender both in SR Bulleid black , SR Green N15 771 ‘Sir Sagramore’, wide splasher T9 30313 with late totem,  BR lined black ‘Terrier’ 32670 with early emblem and original West Country 34001 ‘Exeter’ with early emblem.
Britannia class appears as 70004 “William Shakespeare”  in full Golden Arrow regalia as she would have carried for hauling the service when she was allocated to Stewarts Lane between September 1951 and June 1958.

Hornby have advised their intent to ensure that all are release during the calendar year,  and are sufficiently advanced in the design / production process to achieve this,  having resolved some of the supply chain issues experienced during 2011 (which includes the use of new factories / companies in China).

The much rumored 2Bill emu has not been announced, perhaps Hornby are keeping this for another year, following on from mixed reaction to their 4Vep and with production of the 5Bel Brighton Belle units now being carried over to 2012?

The advent of the Third/ Second Open might perhaps lead to the production in the future of a Maunsell Restaurant Car as these were generally paired together or am I am wish listing…

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