All Kernow Models Beattie Well Tanks now approved for production

A couple of weeks ago Chris Trerise, Managing Director of the Kernow Model Centre was able to approve the Southern Railway version of the Beattie Well Tank model (the first of the production batches of this model have this week been loaded onto the ship in China) and today he has made the following announcement, with respect to the BR versions:
“After two long years of work we approved production of all three of the British Railways versions of the Beattie Well Tank today.  The model has been refined over many iterations and the finished version is shown on the pictures attached.  As with the Southern version, this final version includes a modified coupling hook and revised decoration of the wheels and coupling rods.  Included with the model is an accessory pack including vacuum pipes, fire irons and SR Route Discs.  The model features a removable smokebox door to give easy access to the 6-pin DCC decoder socket which means DCC conversion can be undertaken without removing the locomotive body.  The differing fonts and logo placements have been faithfully reproduced on all three models, including the lack of depot shedcode on 30585.”
I have had the pleasure of assisting Chris with some aspects of the development of these models and look forward to the product batches arriving in the UK even though I shall be repainting them in to Bulleid Sunshine black to suit my own modeling period of 1946-49! They will make an occasion visit to Fisherton Sarum as they make there to and from Eastleigh Works for overhauls etc. (that’s my excuse anyway, and I am sticking to it).

One thought on “All Kernow Models Beattie Well Tanks now approved for production

  1. Graham,

    Very fine locos the Beatties look to be. I’m pleased someone with some SR knowledge was involved at the approval stage.

    I only discovered there was to be a Southern version recently, I’m sorely tempted, but I have 30586 on order, so I guess I’ll be paying out for it sometime soon.


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