First Pictures – Bachmann SECR(SR) C Class 0-6-0

As well as announcing their plans for the next 18 months at the  annual trade model and hobby show last week  Bachmann also had on display some of the pre-production samples of the work in progress of models announced last year.

Pre-Production Sample of the SECR (SR) C Class due for release later this year. Photo courtesy of Mike Wild

One such model on display and of particular interest to Southern Modellers is the much awaited ex SECR C Class 0-6-0.   These locomotives were designed by Harry Wainwright and built between 1900 and 1908.  They were designed primarily for freight duties, although occasionally they were also used for passenger trains. They operated over much of the South East of England with some also known to have ventured to Nine Elms and Feltham on the western section.

A hand painted Pre-Production Sample of the BR Version of the ex SECR(SR) C Class. Photo courtesy of Mike Wild

107 examples entered service with British Railways in 1948. Withdrawals began in 1953, but accelerated after the Kent Coast electrification in 1959-1960. Three examples (31271, 31280, 31592) remained in Departmental stock as shunters at Ashford Works until 1966. 31592 was preserved and has seen regular use on the Bluebell Railway.

Bachmann have announced three initial versions:
31-460 as 592 SECR Lined Green as preserved on the Bluebell Railway
31-461 1256 in prewar Southern Railway Black
31-462 31086 BR Black Early Emblem

I was not at the event so have not yet had a chance to see the models in the flesh , from the photographs they appear to have captured the look and character of the prototype nicely, although there are,  as one might expect at this stage of the design and development process, a few inconsistencies between the two samples such as pipework and details and on one version the quite prominent front guard irons are missing.
With the models at this pre-production stage I would not expect them to hit the shelves until the autumn at the earliest.

10 thoughts on “First Pictures – Bachmann SECR(SR) C Class 0-6-0

  1. Interesting. It will have to do as a stand-in for the Drummond 700 that Bachmann didn’t make. In my neck of the woods (California) it will just be known as the cute British black engine with a tender behind.

  2. I’m hugely looking forward to this but have been told that it’s wise to pre-order. I have a splendid kit-built ‘C’ which I’ve spent a lot of money on – having it beautifully weathered and sound-fitted, and with smoke as well. And then, almost immediately, Bachmann announced this – reasonably priced too!

    My layout is based on Tonbridge shed (74D) so I intended to get the BR (early crest) version but now I’m very tempted by the incredible Wainwright SECR livery. Perhaps it might have stopped off at 74D en route to the Bluebell – or even to join the ‘D’ at York. That’s my story!

    1. Yes, a ,D, an E, an L or an L1 would be really excellent. But top of my wish list would be an H.

  3. Thank you Graham for your update on the Bachmann Class C locomotive (and Mike Wild for the photos). I will be looking forward to adding the SR model to my collection. I have had mine on backorder since April 2011. You have indicated we will not see them in the stores until the end of this year. This may be a blessing in disguise as the recent release of Southern equipment has stretched my budget to the limit.

    Similar to you, my main interest is to Southern Railway, 1940s up to nationalisation. By restricting myself to this narrow time frame I thought this would limit some of my expenditures. However with the recent releases of the SR Black N Class, Beattie Well Tank and the Brighton Belle I may have to adjust some of my spending.
    Next on the list will be the Bachmann SR Pillbox, although that should be a little further into the future and not quite as expensive!

  4. I also thought the C looks the bee’s knees when I saw the picture in Railway Modeller but have just been informed by a good friend, who has a very critical eye (!), that Bachmann have used the 3F chassis block and something shows ahead of the firebox and behind the middle splasher that spoils the C’s appearance. Hmmm. Are we too fussy? Should I keep my still unmade SE Finecast kits?

    1. Whilst I can not confirm that they used the same chassis block as the 3F, there is a small part of the gearbox arrangement visible just in front of the firebox it would appear, but I do believe it is something that you have look very closely to see.

  5. Yes, I agree. I didn’t notice it myself until it was pointed out. Perhaps we expect too much accuracy these days. Nobody would have been bothered 50 years ago! I still expect to buy at least two Cs (provided they don’t sell out as quickly as Hornby’s Maunsell pull-push set; that seemed to fly off the shelves and I only managed to obtain set 610 by purchasing it over the counter at Hornby’s visitor centre and even their website showed it as out of stock the day before!).

    1. Hi Peter

      The first batch of Pull Push sets has been split into two deliveries so some retailers may not have initially received there full order but the final delivery of the first batch is due at the end of this month (this may not however help those retailers that did not order enough in the first place!)

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