Happy Father’s day to all Dads out there…

Although possibly like all such days, events and celebrations these days a little commercially hijacked by the like of moonclintonpigs, the premise behind Father’s Day is still a worthy one. So I take this opportunity to wish my own Dad a happy Father’s Day and to spare a thought for all Fathers out there who will not be able to be contacted by their own children today for example those service men away from home.

My Dad and school friends try to bunk the shed

My own Dad is very much the reason for my own interest in all things Southern due to his own childhood at Salisbury, bunking the shed, walking the line on Sunday morning with my Lineman grandfather, putting penny coins on the line or just watching the trains makes the start to London from behind the railings at the end of Platform One. Much of this has been part of the inspiration behind Fisherton Sarum. On the steps at the entrance to the shed my father in his younger, short trouser days, along with some of his school mates can be seen trying to bunk the shed. To gain entrance undetected involved ducking under the time keepers office hatch that overlooked the access steps from Cherry Orchard Lane. Once in the shed it was hoped that engineman that they recognised as being friendly was about.

My Grandfather on a break leans on his ballast fork with his colleagues as an M7 passes.

Unfortunately I never met my grandfather who was a Linesman for the Southern Railway, based at Salisbury for most of the period that I model before he gained promotion to Sub Inspector (permanent way) at Andover Junction during 1948. Just like my Dad he is immotalised on Fisherton Sarum alongside the typical Southern concrete platelayers hut next to the main line. He is leaning on his ballast fork, with his gangers one of whom is sat reading the newspaper and another has a mug of tea in his hand. The look out flag man is just walking towards them to join them in their well deserved tea break.

I know these pictures have been seen on this blog before but thought today was appropriate to show them again so I make no apologies. If you are unable to visit your Dad today, at least if possible pick up the phone and remind him that you love him.

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  1. I find as I get older both Father’s Day and my Birthday get forgotten by the offspring. However she does live in another time warp in downtown Mexico City. Like most folk I do tend to think more of the military, particularly after 45 years in the MoD . Sadly my Dad died 35 years ago and I didn’t get to know my Grandfather who worked on the Midland and later LMS railways. Fully endorse some of the previous comments as you don’t half miss them when they’re not here!

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