Hornby Pull Push sets, rumours of demise have been exaggerated…

Further to my review of the excellent Hornby BR(s) Pull Push set conversions last week, it would certainly appear that they have been popular. In many cases retailers have sold out and in some cases have not been able to even full fill pre-orders.
In some instances emails have been received from retailers advising that orders have been cancelled as the item is out of stock and production has been cancelled, which has raised a few eyebrows and in some instances hackles.
In response to this I have communicated with Simon Kohler, Sales and Marketing Director at Hornby who advises me that further stocks will be available in July, so I am happy to try here and put the record straight.
I assure those trying to get hold of them that they will be worth the wait!

3 thoughts on “Hornby Pull Push sets, rumours of demise have been exaggerated…

  1. Graham,

    Whisper it quietly, but I’m not that interested in these (very short-lived) sets … there I’ve said it, I feel better now!

    However the Open Third on it’s own (or with Restaurant Car) I am certainly interested in.


  2. Hi Glenn, It’s the wrong period foe me too, but as I have one M7 on BR livery already I have acquired a set to run with it occasionally.

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