A view from the line #7 housing the locals…

Fisherton Sarum is of course based on the ex LSWR shed at Salisbury (I am sure I might have mentioned that before) and although primarily is all about the shed itself I wanted to incorporate a non railway related scene on the layout. At Salisbury the rear of the water tank building very much towered over and backed directly onto Cherry Orchard Lane, although there were some houses on the other side of the road, I moved the road to incorporate some semi detached houses. These houses and gardens are totally freelance and unlike most of the other scratch build structures on the layout are based on a modified Wills Craftsman Kit.

A Wills Craftsman kit forms the basis of the freelance house. The School children await the confrontation between the Postman and the households dog.

In the back garden of one of the houses the owner tends to his garden whilst in the other a gentleman rests on his bench watching, who we assume is, his wife hanging the washing. At the front of the houses the postman has made a mistake of letting the household’s dog get between him and his bike (the postman’s not the dogs) which he has left leaning up against the railings at the back entrance to the shed…

The houses are nestled below the water tower building and close to the Main line as a westbound train passes. The postman’s bike is leaning against the fence.

Two children on their way to possibly Bishop Wordsworth’s School, meet up on the road and chat perhaps about trying to bunk the shed later, or maybe just waiting to see the postman get out of his predicament!

My general method of building construction is using a mixture of Wills building sheets, embossed and plain plasticard and plasti-strut, very similar to methods published by the likes of Iain Rice.

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