A view from the line #8 Train Spotters on shed

Although probably very tricky to spot from a passing train on the main line, and mentioned briefly in my first ‘a view from the line‘ post  about the little people, the shed area is hosting a couple of trainspotters. They are taking the opportunity to record and photograph the locomotives on shed being prepared for their turns.

A couple of trainspotters taking pictures at Fisherton Sarum shed

I can only assume that they must be armed with the letter of permission from the Head Office at Waterloo allowing them open access to the shed,  as although they are being kept an eye on by one member of the shed staff they appear to be able to freely wonder around to taking photographs.

Dad and fellow school mates about to try and duck under the ‘hatch’

My father and his fellow school mates never had the luxury of such official permission when trying to bunk the shed at Salisbury and therefore had to try and sneak in under the timekeepers office hatch on to the landing on the entrance steps and hope that a known or friendly member of the loco staff would turn a blind eye and stop them from being turfed out!
They are also imortalised on Fisherton Sarum just sneaking up the entrance steps of the shed and about to duck under the ‘ hatch’!

5 thoughts on “A view from the line #8 Train Spotters on shed

  1. A very nice touch, Graham. Did you make the figures yourself or are they commercially available? I would like to do something similar on ‘Hectorage Rd’. Since Chris Nevard called, I have placed some schoolboys on the bridge, looking excitedly down into the yard. They’re obviously from away as their school uniform isn’t local. Local boys knew better ‘spotting’ places anyway! M

    1. Hi Malcolm
      The figures of the trainspotters I think were from the Dart Castings range. I use a mix of figures on Fisherton Sarum Dart Castings / Montys, Roger Stevens, Falcon Figures and Springside. The Dart Castings ones are generally the most detailed and nicely cast.

  2. I agree, Graham. Most of my figures are from Monty’s Models/Dart Castings. Not only are they finely modelled and crisply cast, but they are also in very natural poses. They also live on the Southern (ex-SER) line at Staplehurst! I must look through their catalogue again. M

  3. as my model station(Homerton) is based where my mother was raised, there a number of small girl figures awaiting planting; i havent yet found one swinging on therailings yet though1

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