Fisherton Sarum exhibiting at TaD-Rail this Saturday 13th October

Fisherton Sarum is making its last appearance of the year this coming Saturday 13th October at the Tring and District Model Railway Club’s Tad-Rail exhibition.  This will be the first time that the changes to the control system for the turnouts (points), turntable and main line controllers will be used in anger, so I hope they all work especially as there is some last minute issues with the point control circuitry! (click the link here to read my previous posts on the changes).

The show is being held a new venue in Wing located between  Aylesbury and  Leighton Buzzard at the  The Cottesloe School, Aylesbury Road, WING, Bedfordshire  LU7 0NY. This one day is open to the public between 10.30 am and 5.00pm (I mention this as for some reason their website fails to mention them!)

If you are able to come along feel free to say hello, it is always good to meet readers of my little corner of the blogosphere!

8 thoughts on “Fisherton Sarum exhibiting at TaD-Rail this Saturday 13th October

  1. Sorry – love to be at Tring but 220 mile round trip not on this date. Are there any plans to show it nearer Salisbury? With appreciation for your blogs, and so much I’ve learned from you.

    1. HI John

      Thanks for your comment. I am guessing that the nearest show to Salisbury will be Basingstoke next year on 9th / 10th March. I did one exhibit on platform 4 of Salisbury station for the 150 anniversary event they organised there. It would be nice to perhaps do the Wilton show one year, but I do not have a contact there.

  2. Good luck with the point operation, turntable etc. . I would love to have come to Wing, especially as I used to live around there, but I will be away seeking some sun and warmth. Just think what a challenge DCC would have been!. I am waiting for the Heljan DCC turntable due this autumn.

    1. Thanks Barry I’m having a few issues with the point control at the moment but hoping to sort that before the weekend. Enjoy the sun I’m overseas myself at the moment on business. The Heljan table is I am told pretty good at the time of building Fisherton then only did the 90ft version which was too big.

  3. Dear Graham,
    I am hoping to come to the Exhibition at Wing this Saturday. I am looking forward to meeting you, after the lovely things you said about my dad-Brian Grant. And to see your model of Fisherton Sarum.
    I work til 3pm, but will be over after that. I mentioned to my brother,Mark, about the exhibition, so he and his sons might come earlier.

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