Hornby – update on revised delivery dates

Hornby Hobbies Ltd. have today released an update to retailers on those products that were originally planned for a 2012 release and are now being carried over to 2013.

Hornby stated “It has been well documented over several weeks we are experiencing manufacturing delays with some of our suppliers.” they provided a full list of models and anticipated availability dates, I outline below the ones of interest to Southern / Southern Region modellers. They further advised ” however please note that this is a guide date and more precise information will be provided in the New Year.”

R3107 BR T9 30313 Lined Late Crest – TBC
R3115 West Country original air smoothed “Exeter” – January
R3129 SR Class M7 – April
R3136 Class 73 Network Rail – January
R3137 Class 73 Pullman – June
R3143 4 Vep – June
R4534A BR Push Pull Coach pack – June
R4537 SR Unconverted Open 3Rd Class – June (note: not really “unconverted” but in original form)
R4538 BR Unconverted Oped 2Nd Class – June (ditto above!)

I trust this information is of interest, although slightly disappointing the items are better late than never.

9 thoughts on “Hornby – update on revised delivery dates

  1. Very small comment
    Air smoothed has two o’s
    A real live Bulleid pacific owner
    This one should have been preserved

  2. Again a further delay, I see the head man left this week which may help things settle down inside the company. With delivery dates out to June this suggests any new 2013 items will only appear late next year. They still make lovely models which are worth waiting for.

    1. Beat in mind that some items are now being produced in different factories so item deliveries may seem odd compared to others at the moment but will now start to settle down and the effect on anything announced for 2013 might not be as much as some might think.

    1. Yes Hornby have indeed returned Humbrol back to UK manufacture, am sure there are a number of reasons for this which includes the size and flexibility of production runs required and also the issues of shipping what are smaller product batch sizes cost effectively. The Hornby railway product is fair more complex in terms of manufacture, assembly and finishing so a different set of issues and cost benefits apply.

  3. I have received an email from Hattons that R3115 Exeter will appear on or after Monday 22 April 2013. I wonder if the cab will have horizontal lining as you suggested.

  4. R45434A BR Maunsell Pull-Push is due on or after Monday 24th June 2013 according to Hattons. I wonder why Hornby is charging different prices for R4534A and R4534B.

    1. Whilst I do not know why the RRP’s are different this may be due to differences in productions location or run size etc many retailers are charging the same.

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