Bachmann 2013/14 Southern Announcements E4 and Birdcage Stock

At the annual Model and Hobbies show, held this year at the Coventry Transport Museum, Bachmann Europe Plc. have today announced  their plans for the next 18 months for both the Bachmann Branchlines (00) and Graham Farish (N) brands. They also provided updates on the current work in progress. I outline below the items of Southern / Southern Region interest, the highlights of which are the release in 00 of an ex LBSC E4 0-6-2T and Birdcage coaching stock and the N Class makes an appearance in N Gauge. This post outlines the announcements of Southern / Southern Region interest, the full announcements can be found on the Bachmann website or RMweb

Firstly the Bachmann Branchline range in 00:

Class E4 0-6-2T
E4 steam75 locomotives were built between December 1897 and September 1903. Four locomotives were rebuilt as E4X Class between 1909 and 1911. The first was withdrawn in March 1955 and the last in June 1963. 1 locomotive has been preserved.
35-075 Class E4 0-6-2 579 LBSC Umber 
35-076 Class E4 0-6-2 473 Southern Green (Preserved)
35-077 Class E4 0-6-2 32556 BR Black Early Emblem
35-078 Class E4 0-6-2 32470 BR Black Late Crest

SECR 60’ Birdcage Coaches
39-600 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite SECR Dark Lake
39-601 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite SR Olive Green
39-602 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake Composite BR Vermillion
39-610 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite SECR Dark Lake
39-611 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite SR Olive Green
39-612 SECR 60’ Birdcage Composite BR Vermillion
39-620 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd SECR Dark Lake
39-621 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd SR Olive Green
39-622 SECR 60’ Birdcage Brake 3rd BR Vermillion

Class 43 ‘Warship’ Diesel Hydraulic

33 locomotives were built between May 1960 and June 1962. The first was withdrawn in 1969 and the last in October 1971. Thwe 2013/14 range sees brand new tooling for the Warship.

32-065 Class 43 D865 ‘Zealous’ BR Maroon Small Yellow Panel
32-066 Class 43 D835 ‘Pegasus’ BR Green Small Yellow Panel
32-067 Class 43 No.842 ‘Royal Oak’ BR Blue

The recently introduced and popular C Class sees a number of new liveries:

31-463 C Class 0-6-0 271 SECR Plain Green livery
31-464 C Class 0-6-0 593 Southern Railway Black with Green Lining
31-465 C Class 0-6-0 31579 BR Black Late Crest

The previously announced SR PLV  Passenger Luggage Van is now in the CAD stage.

Other items announced in 00 include a BR Class 24/1, Midland 1F 0-6-0T, LMS Stanier 2-6-0 mogul and a GWR 64xx 0-6-0T

Secondly the N gauge Graham Farish range:

SR N Class 2-6-0 Mogul
SR N Class MC5015280 locomotives were built between 1917 and 1934. Twenty five locomotives were rebuilt between October 1955 and May 1961. The first was withdrawn in November 1962 and the last in June 1966.

372-930 N Class 2-6-0 1406 SR Olive Green Slope Sided Tender
372-931 N Class 2-6-0 31844 BR Black Early Emblem Straight Sided Tender
372-932 N Class 2-6-0 31831 BR Black Late Crest Slope Sided Tender

SR PLV 4 Wheel Van
374-415 Southern PL Passenger Luggage Van BR Crimson
374-416 Southern PL Passenger Luggage Van BR (SR) Green
374-417 Southern PL Passenger Luggage Van BR Blue

Southern Bogie B Van
374-630 SR 50ft Bogie B Luggage Van Southern Green
374-631 SR 50ft Bogie B Luggage Van BR (SR) Green
374-632 SR 50ft Bogie B Luggage Van BR Blue

SR Ventilated Vans
377-425 12 Ton Southern Planked Ventilated Van SR Brown
377-426 12 Ton Southern 2+2 Planked Ventilated Van BR Grey
377-427 12 Ton Southern 2+2 Planked Ventilated Van BR Bauxite

Other items announced in N include a BR Class 25/2 and 25/2, LMS Fairburn 2-6-4T, Midland 4f 0-6-0, GWR Castle 4-6-0 and a GWR 64xx 0-6-0T

N Bulleid D2123 Semi Open Brake 3rdThe previously announced Bullied coaches are now at the Engineering Prototype stage. As per the Semi Open Brake 3rd seen left, at the show were also examples of the Composite and all Thirds (further pictures will follow in a future post).  Also the Merchant Navy is now at the CAD design stage.

38 thoughts on “Bachmann 2013/14 Southern Announcements E4 and Birdcage Stock

  1. Thank you for providing this information. I could not get it anywhere else. It looks like an excellent range of new items. Perhaps the SECR Birdcage stock could be used with the SECR C Class. The Midland 1F 0-6-0T was used on the Swanage Railway as a heritage line both as a half cab and with an enclosed cab so it may be of interest to some Southern modellers. I hope your health is improving.

    1. Yes, Robin, the birdcage set could certainly be used with the ‘C’. It happened all the time in the fifties.

    1. Sorry not to see Fisherton Sarum at Basingstoke, I was only going for that! I do hope you’re feeling a bit better now, Graham. M

      1. Hi Malcolm

        I was gutted to have had to pull out of exhibiting this weekend but I am slowly on the mend and sorry not to have met you at Basingstoke.

  2. It is great news for the southern modeller that there will be a birdcage set. From a personal point it leaves me in a dilema – I had a Pheonix kit of the Maunsell push pull and Hornby gave us a RTR version – I was trying to pluck up the courage to start on a brass birdcage kit and bachman beat me to it.

    I will be quite honest and admit that I would be pressed to match the finish which both Hornby and Bachman are now achieving.

    Robin – I had too look it up to be sure but E4s did haul Birdcage stock, My reference is “Southern Steam – South and East – Bradford Barton 1973” which has a pic of 32578 with a PMV and a Birdcage brake (cant see the rest) in April 1955 on a Redhill Tonbridge train

      1. Hi

        Perhaps somebody with more knowledge than me can confirm that the 60 ft bridcage set was painted in Lake as from other sources it is said that the 60 ft were painted an ‘umber’ colour similar to LBSC. I am one of those who has just built a Roxey 60ft set, but had planned on painting it umber, so I hope that I have it right so I can have the Lake set as well, or were there more that one 60ft set done.

  3. Dissappointed. Yet more SECR which only appeared in the SE corner of the Southern.

    More LSWR would be better as it got arround more!

    1. Hi Mark

      The Birdcage stock got round possibly a bit more than you think, although not far into LSWR territory they were used widely over both the Central and Eastern sections and certainly reached Reading on the Redhill services.

  4. Like Sue and Dave Rose I am not a livery expert but I have heard SECR umber referred to as a wartime economy livery. so could have been applied to any passenger stock. Were the pigments for Lake perhaps not available due to WW1?

  5. The umber livery wasn’t applied until 1916..the Trio C sets (60 footers) were all built between 1912 and 1915 so would have been in ‘Lake’ before Umber.

    1. Hi Clive,

      Thanks for that, I must check where I read that the 60ft went straight into Umber, but as I will still buy the Bachmann set I will still paint mine in umber as I could never match the production by Bachmann.
      Regards, Sue

  6. Lets hope there future plan will inclued an E4 in marsh umber with the LBSCR lettering, and not the name Birch Grove as this is a Bluebell thing.

  7. Alan

    I had to take a second look at the announcement as the 4 liveries available have got mixed with the description. 35-075 is 579 in umber, 35-076 is 473 as preserved, These are beside the ;photo and the two BRblack examples follow

  8. Thank you Graham for your detailed description on the new Bachmann releases.

    Although I am a little confused on the livery details for 31-464 C Class 0-6-0 593 Southern Railway Black with Green Lining

    Similar to the Bachmann 31-461 Wainwright C Class 0-6-0 1256. I believed this to be wartime black and SOUTHERN sunshine lettering with green lining. However with the new three digit running number of 593 this would denote a SECR locomotive.

    Maybe there are plans for a Bachmann C Class in Maunsell green. I have not seen one in that livery yet.

    While on the subject of livery, I do wish the manufacturers and retailers would expand on the description of SOUTHERN green. Is it Maunsell (Olive) or Bullied (Malachite)?

  9. I believe that at the grouping before the additional number prefix was added (1000 SECR and 2000LBSC) a letter prefix was used. Could the livery Norman mentioned be A593 which perhaps didnt come across in the detail. Does anyone know how long the letter prefix was used?

    I only have B&W pics of the C in SR livery so can’t give a definitive answer but did any get painted in green post grouping?. Being a humble freight loco I have my doubts.

    1. The livery will be Southern Maunsell black with a green lining and in pre 1931 numbering style as A593. The 1xxx and 2xxxx prefixes were introduced in 1931 and the green lining to the black livery was abolished at around the same time as the lining pretty much disappeared after a short while in service.

      1. In the latest update of the Bachman website furthur announcement of the Birdcage stock are given. Examples of appropriate locomotives are E4 and C. I can understand not mentioning other manufacturers products e.g. M7 (Guildford area) they dont mention ther own N class which there is a pic in the Tunbridge Wells area. There is even a possible pic in a Bradford Barton book which shows an Ivat 2-6-2 tank (in the 413xx Southern Region series) with what could be a birdcage set.

        What would be nice if for a manufacturer to bring out a SECR 4-4-0 or one of the rebuilds which would look ideal with a birdcage set

      2. Dave

        The 60 Foot Birdcage trio sets were withdrawn by 1958 so my guess is that Bachmann are only listing suitable locomotives from their current range so as the only N class model that is current in the Bachmann range is a late crest example (ie post 1956) they may have thought it didn’t really fit the timeframe as with the use of the Ivatts on the Southern.

      3. I agree the timescales are fairly tight for the Ivat tanks and I see what you mean regarding the crest. I also dont think the current examples fall in the SR series. I have one on my layout and ignore that it is 41212 rather than 41312 (73E Faversham).

        The problem of confirming or otherwise what a loco is hauling is confounded from studying pictures is that the object of attention is the loco and not the stock. There is a picture in Bradford Barton “More Southern Steam South and East” of 41316 coming in to Rotherfield in October 53. As is usual the first vehicle is a PMV so had to get the magnifying glass out. to look at the 3 set following. It looks like a birdcage set, raised roof on front and rear vehicles, typical panneled profile, but there would be reasonable doubt in a court. However given that the SR had aprox 25 Ivats in the central and eastern section sheds in 53 there is a 5 year period when haulage of Birdcage sets was possible (Southern Region Loco Allocations 10 December 1953 – Kingfisher Railway Productions Jan 1981)

        Having had to get my picture books out I found an even more unlikely combination.80016 std 2-6-4 is hauling a Birdcage 3 set on the 15.53 Oxted – Brighton near Newick on 24 September 1951 (Locomotives Illustrated 21 BR Standard Tank Locomotiver – Ian Allan ISSN 0307-1804 – no date given)

        What this shows is that there is often a prototype for the unlikely

      4. Hi Dave

        Some good finds there picture wise and research I find is as enjoyable part of the hobby. I do of course confess that mainly being a modeller between 1946 and 1949 I am less up on the detail for the later BR period. I definitely subscribe to the “there is often a prototype for the unlikely” side of things.

      5. I model Southern Region Eastern Section circa 1950 to 1962 with a fair slice of licence. The layout is called Poundbridge (pardon the pun) and is in a small bedroom. it is a tail chaser with up and down fiddle yards, I sometimes like to sit and watch the trains go by. The sort of licence I mean is that when they come out I might have a 3 Birdcage set on the down and a 4CEP on the up.
        Well there was only one year between them (Chatham lines electrified 1959 and Tonbridge 1962) and the early CEP were built in 1956 and used on the Brighton line to run them in

        I trust I have not upset anyone with my flexing of history.

      6. Dave

        Sounds good to me. Don’t worry about flexing history we all have a modeller’s licence mine is in drawer somewhere…

  10. I recall that for years (late fifties / early sixties?) a disused birdcage set sat adjacent to the Tonbridge local shed – Priory Road area.

  11. Would I be correct in assuming that the SR Olive Green for the SECR 60’ Birdcage stock (39-601, 39-611, & 39-621) would be correct for the late 30s? Some manufacturers/sites refer to Maunsell Green, but I think thank they’re both pretty much the same.

    I’m modelling the SE late 30s. Primarily Kent, but prepared to take some liberties, not least so that I can include Hornby’s lovely 2-BIL 🙂

  12. Pity about the numbering of the forthcoming C class. I model 1935 ish and this 7 year era seems to be getting forgotten as far as recent loco introductions are concerned.

    1. I am sure a pre 1937 livery version will be announced in the future. It is quite unusual really for a Bullied era livery version to be produced as I usually end up having to repaint mine.

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