Bachmann Collectors’ Club goes Grey with C Class 689

The Bachmann Collectors club have announced today the following:

“We are pleased to present our latest limited edition model. The popular Bachmann Branchline C Class 0-6-0 locomotive is now available exclusively from the Bachmann Collectors Club depicted in South Eastern & Chatham Railway Dark Grey livery as No.689. No.689 was one of a batch built in July 1900 by Neilson, Reid & Co of Glasgow, the class eventually totaling 109 examples with 70 being constructed at Ashford Works. During World War 1 in an effort to reduce cost and relieve the shortage of labour in the workshops, a simplified green livery with yellow numerals was introduced by the South Eastern & Chatham Railway.
This livery change coincided with the Operating Department’s adoption of the American despatch system which required easy identification of the locomotive as part of the procedure. Considerable difficulty was experienced with the colours weathering quickly and becoming difficult to read so the livery was changed to a dark slate grey with large white running numbers on the tender to aid identification in signal boxes and yards, particularly at night. This is the period of operation depicted by the release of the latest Bachmann Collectors’ Club model. 

31-460K LS
Picture courtesy of Bachmann Europe Plc

 Just 504 certificated models of the C Class have been produced (31-460K). This product is now available for Bachmann Collectors’ Club members to purchase through the Club website at and can also be ordered via telephone on 01455 841756. The model costs £84.35 and is available for immediate delivery.”

9 thoughts on “Bachmann Collectors’ Club goes Grey with C Class 689

  1. Thank you for the “heads up” on this Graham. Have joined the club and ordered the model!   Regards   Roger

  2. I think it is going to be an expensive year just order the Grey limited edition and pre ordered the SE &CR green C class and the bircadge set from hattons. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Does anyone have an idea of when the next batch of BR black C class loco’s will be available?

  4. Hello,
    Any chance for a picture with the tender viewed from the rear? I am interested to see if there is any handrail and the placement of the steps (should be two).
    Thank you,

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