Model Rail USA tank to now be manufactured by Bachmann

Within my post of last Saturday breaking the news of the Bachmann H2 class announcement I also broke the news that the Model Rail Magazine commissioned USA 0-6-0 tank model is now to be produced by Bachmann instead of as originally announced Dapol.

I just wanted to additionally make this quick post to confirm such, rather then it be just be included within the H2 announcement post, as that was quickly made whilst on the Bluebell Railway travelling towards East Grinstead behind the ex SECR C Class 0-6-0  (in a area with limited 3G coverage) whilst I was a guest of Bachmann during their Collectors Club members day.  
The announcement of the switch of manufacturer was confirmed by the magazine editor Ben Jones who was also present as a guest of Bachmann, A full size USA tank has been scanned already and the information used will form the basis of a revised set of CAD drawings by the Bachmann design team in due course.

Edit: Model Rail magazine have now further advised:

“Revised delivery schedules will be announced as the project proceeds, but all other details, such as numbers/liveries etc stay the same. All pre-orders remain unaffected too. We’ll bring you more updates on the model as it develops. Pre-orders for all four ‘Batch 1’ models are very strong, especially so for the two BR models and advance ordering is recommended even at this early stage. Further versions will be added in due course, covering all major livery variations across military, industrial, BR and preservation eras. Look out in Model Rail for updates over the coming months and thanks for your patience and enthusiasm!”

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