In the media: completing the set…a teaser

If you have ever read my In  the Media page you will have noticed that Fisherton Sarum has so far appeared in three of the four mainstream model railway monthly magazines, Railway Modeller (2006), Hornby Magazine (2009) and British Railways Modelling (2013).

MR previewI am pleased to advise that the December issue of Model Rail Magazine, being published on October 31st , will feature an article about Fisherton Sarum and a new stunning set of photographs by fellow modeller, friend and photographic genius Chris Nevard.

As well as the obvious details about the layout the article will mainly focus on my kit built rather than Ready-To-Run rolling stock.

I can make this post now as the cat has been let out of bag with the next issue feature in the current November issue Model Rail magazine that is just hitting the shops now!

4 thoughts on “In the media: completing the set…a teaser

  1. Congratulations Graham. I’m looking forward to it. And have you seen the current issue of Hornby Magazine (No.76, October)? – it’s ‘Hectorage Road’ again! Hope to see you next year at Wilton. Speaking of the genius, Chris Nevard, have a look at his ‘Great British Model Railways’. Say n’more. M

    1. Hi Malcolm

      I did indeed see your article in Hornby Magazine, very good it was too. In fact I tweeted about it at the time, although you might not have seen that.


  2. Rowland – Surely you meant ‘can’t’?
    Graham – You did well to see the cover design so well ahead of publication. Is it too late to make a correction? Fisherton Sarum is Southern ‘Railway’, not Southern ‘Region’ – as you, of all people, will confirm. M
    PS – No, I’m not on Twitter

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