An announcement…about announcements

In the true tradition of  “if you notice this notice you will notice it is not worth noticing” this post is an announcement about announcements announcing new products by both Hornby and Bachmann.

As I hinted within my That was the Warley that was post here  Hornby will be announcing their 2014 plans at 10am on Monday 16th December and I will post a round up of those items of interest to Southern Railway / Southern Region modellers on here also at 10 am. Wish listing and frothing has unsurprisingly started on various online forums and it is always fun seeing just how far off the mark some suggestions are…

Bachmann in 2014 celebrate their 25th anniversary and will be holding events in July to mark this milestone. This year Bachmann will announce their main new range plans for the following 12 to 18 months to coincide with these events rather than the usual announcement at a trade toy and hobbies show in March.

This does not mean that there will not be other announcements made throughout the year and I will endeavour to keep you up to date on those of a Southern / Southern Region interest via these pages.

4 thoughts on “An announcement…about announcements

  1. It’s fun speculating on what Hornby and Bachmann have planned … and then after the announcements are made, we can have more ‘fun’ speculating just how far into the future the items will actually appear.


  2. Hornby have still not produced the B vans, the LSWR M7 announced this year and the Maunsell Pull-Push announced last year. I missed out on the first Maunsell Pull-Push because it was only produced in limited quantities and sold out at Hattons within an hour and as an owner of 15 M7s I did not want to pay for another in their train pack with the M7 and the Pull-push. Hattons is still saying that the Pull-push sets are due on or after 29 November but they have not materialised yet. There will be plenty of time to save up for any Southern Region items that Hornby may announce on 16 December.

  3. So I’ll be sat here screaming “Q Class” with maybe intermittent yells of “Pull-Push” and “BR(S) Green Maunsells”
    You never know but I would bet the only thing we are likely to get is the new Hornby Mark 1 in Green…

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