Bachmann E4 first EP pictures

The ex London Brighton and South Coast 0-6-2 E4 class of radial tanks were first announced by Bachmann at the 2013/14 product launch in March last year and detailed on this blog here. Work on their development has been ongoing and Engineering Prototype (EP) samples have now been released by Bachmann 



Just from the photographs alone this looks to be a fine representation of the E4 Class, noting the characteristic Brighton style buffer beam extended lamp irons for the middle positions and the two different coal rail arrangements (the front view has the later style backed rails). I also note following criticism of some of the recent Hornby models the smokebox door dart handles also appear to be moulded rather than a separately applied item, I wonder if this will gain the same level of criticism?

A preserved example of the E4 class can be found working on the Bluebell Railway.

Edit: 21/01/14 Bachmann have now confirmed that the Smokebox door dart handles will in fact be a separately applied item and they also accepted that the front wheel splashers, that some have mentioned as appearing slightly to large, are a compromise due to the 00 wheel flange standards.

Edit: 24/01/14 further pictures of the E4 EP can be seen here.

6 thoughts on “Bachmann E4 first EP pictures

  1. This looks very promising indeed, Graham. I much prefer the open rail bunker. I’ve had one on pre-order ever since it was announced. M

  2. It will be a companion to my Tri-ang Hornby E2 0-6-0T and I will be able to run goods trains as Tri-ang Hornby made an LBSCR goods brake van. I can remember visiting the Bluebell Railway when my train was hauled by the E4 in LBSC Railway improved engine green as Birch Grove.

    1. Hi Robin

      She would have been in Umber as Birch Grove when you rode behind her as she has not been Stroudley’s improved engine green since 1912 and never on the Bluebell.

  3. I notice that many Bachmann locos have moulded darts but it helps prevent damage and I still rate them higher than Hornby in terms of intelligent, functional and still attractive design!

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