Bachmann E4 EP update and Hornby delivery news

Further to my last post with the first Bachmann E4 class Engineering Prototype pictures I am now also able to post the following images that are copyright and courtesy of Andy York (clicking the images will enlarge).

1sThese further images clearly show the fact that the smokebox door dart handles are indeed separately applied items, as this was not originally fully clear from the initial pictures.
Mention has been made of the size of the front wheel splashers being oversize, this 4sis indeed the case, but like previous models such as the Bachmann 3F and 4F models, this is a compromise due to 00 gauge wheel standards and the depth of the flanges. Any 3sother compromise such as reducing the wheel diameter will result in other issues such as buffer heights etc.
The whistle on this sample is also mounted on the cab roof this will be correct for the LBSC livery version but this was later moved to the boiler to meet the SR composite loading gauge post Grouping. I am sure that Bachmann will be reflecting this.
Engineering Prototypes by their nature are often an amalgam of some of the tooling options.

In other news, to coin a phrase, Hornby have released details of what will be hitting the shops in the next 6 to 8 weeks or so, so presumably are already on the high seas from China. The full list can be seen here, but for BR(s) modellers the items of interest are the following listed as being due before the end of February:
R4534A BR(s) Maunsell Converted Pull Push set No. 616
R4534B BR(s) Maunsell Converted Pull Push set No. (Edit: 03/02/14 Set Number 603)
R4536B  Bogie B van in BR Green

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    Where would southern model railway enthusiasts be without Graham ‘Muz’ Muspratt? A lot worse off, that’s for sure! Some interesting developments here on both Bachmann and Hornby fronts.

  2. There have been so many expected delivery dates for the Hornby Pull-Push sets that I I will believe it when the postman delivers them. I am modelling the Swanage Railway. Set 610 with driver brake 3rd 6679 and 3rd 1317 has been spotted on the Railway. It probably also went to Wimborne and Brockenhurst as the M7s with the pull-push sets alternated between the three lines.

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