Hornby move a number of 2016 range items into 2017 including the Original Merchant Navy pacifics

Further to my post last week advising that a number of the Hornby 2016 range items had been withdrawn from the range, Hornby have also confirmed that a number of the 2016 range items have now been moved into the 2017 range, including a number of the SR / BR(s) items such as the Original Merchant Navy pacifics and the two further Adams 0415 radial tanks.

I have therefore updated my Hornby 2016 announcement post here to reflect these changes.

The SR / BR(s) related items moved to the 2017 range are as follows:

  • R3382TTS BR 4-6-2 ‘Holland-Afrika Line’ Merchant Navy (Original), Early BR TTS sound fitted
  • R3422 SR 4-4-2T ‘3125’ Adams Radial 0415 Class
  • R3423 BR 4-4-2T ‘30583’ Adams Radial 0415 Class – Late BR
  • R3434 SR 4-6-2 ‘Channel Packet’ ’21C1′ Merchant Navy Class (Original)
  • R3435 SR 4-6-2 ‘Royal Mail’ ’21C3′ Merchant Navy Class (Original)
  • R3436 BR 4-6-2 ‘Clan Line’ ‘35028’ Merchant Navy (Original) Early BR
  • R3445 BR 4-6-2 ‘Camelford’ West Country Class BR Early (Original)
  • R3458 SR 4-4-0 ‘Shrewsbury’ Schools Class – SR Black
  • R3468 BR 4-6-2 ‘603 Squadron’ ‘34077’ Battle of Britain Class – Rebuilt
  • R6775 SR Vent Van

The full list of changes including those withdrawn can be found on the Hornby website here.

In slightly more positive news the final approval samples of the Class 71s have now arrived with Hornby as can be seen on their Engine Shed blog post here.

8 thoughts on “Hornby move a number of 2016 range items into 2017 including the Original Merchant Navy pacifics

  1. I suspect very few will be surprised about a manufacturer delaying models into a subsequent year and Hornby’s announcement comes as no shock. If it is necessary to consolidate their position then so be it.

    Indeed there are other manufacturers whose lead times are still far in excess of Hornby’s.

    However, perhaps we should not lose sight that occasionally there were also models who arrived relatively quickly after the public announcement – I seem to recall the 2 BIL being one such example.

    1. Hi Colin

      I totally agree. I am sure that expenditure for ongoing development costs has been recently reviewed and tightened in light of known issues last quarter.

  2. I suppose as a positive it does give us longer to save for them, so we can buy them before they sell out.

  3. With respect to R6775 SR Vent Van, they might be better not to bother. They have produced this model before, and now once again the same with 1938 or later 2+2 planking, but painted in a pre 1936 livery?????…. and a rather suspect shade of brown too. Dapol also made the same mistake a while back although with a better shade of brown.

    Conversely no one to my knowledge has yet produced the pre 1938 even planked version (a la Bachmann) with post 1936 lettering which did at least exist….Bachmann are you paying attention….

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