Great News about Merchant Navy pacific 35011 General Steam Navigation @35011GSN

Regular readers of this blog will know, via its dedicated page here that I am shareholder in 35011 General Steam Navigation. The intention of The General Steam Navigation Locomotive Restoration Society of course is to not only to return the Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacific 35011 General Steam Navigation to steam but also back to her original ‘Air Smoothed’ condition complete with Bulleid’s oil bath encased valve gear incorporating chain drive elements.

What she would hopefully return to looking like. 21C11 at Bournemouth Photo credit John Neve

I am pleased to advise a couple of great items of news,which are big steps in further establishing this as totally serious and well managed restoration project. The General Steam Navigation Locomotive Restoration Society have been able to this week announce that locomotive will be soon moving to its new base of the Swindon and Cricklade Railway.  The locomotive will be based within a shelter and will be the first time since she was in service that she will  be undercover. She will be fully dismantled, which was not possible to carry out at its current location, and the boiler lifted allowing the rolling chassis to be moved into the railway’s main works where there is already room enabling the main restoration work to commence.

A Just giving page has been set up here to help raise funds for the cost of the move, perhaps you might be able to make a small donation to assist, as said, “every little helps”!

Another major tipping point in this project has also been reached and that is the fact that The General Steam Navigation Locomotive Restoration Society  now has the necessary funds to cover the cost of the construction of the missing main crank axle that really demonstrates the progress and support that the project has achieved.

In addition many original parts have been recently sourced and or manufactured and machined  such as the spring beams for the bogie and trailing axle truck and the Kilinger Valves.

Hopefully this post and the progress being made might convince to join the Society, membership costs only £10 per year and full details on how to become a member can be found here.

Full updates on progress can be found on the 35001 Society website here.

4 thoughts on “Great News about Merchant Navy pacific 35011 General Steam Navigation @35011GSN

  1. Good news on another step forward on this exciting and worthy project – thank you for the update!

  2. Yes good news indeed. Whilst I am fully engaged with the excellent P2 project I will join the society and make a contribution.Thanks for the update Graham,

    I hope the Society considers all the new materials and techniques now available when they restore the Bullied/Walschaerts valve gear and oil bath lubrication. Dry sump lubrication perhaps?
    Fine locomotives which I had the opportunity to ride on during my apprenticeship back in the mid 1960s. Battledown flyover at 101mph (according to the speedometer) with Belgium Marine sticks in the mind.

    Kind regards,

    Richard B

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