Picture of the Month – September 2019

This months picture…

A line up of Bulleid pacifics on shed at Fisherton Sarum awaiting their next turn. The light pacifics are modified Hornby Models whilst the the Merchant Navy’s are Millholme kits.

Fisherton Sarum can be seen making the first of its only two public outings this month on the 14th / 15th this month at the Faversham Model Railway Club, exhibition at The Abbey School, London Road, Faversham. ME13 8RZ   The show is open between 10am and 4.30pm on the Saturday and 10am and 4pm on the Sunday. If you are able to, or planing to, attend the show please make sure you say hello!

As always full details of exhibition appearances of either Fisherton Sarum or Canute Road Quay can be found on my exhibition diary page here.

5 thoughts on “Picture of the Month – September 2019

  1. Hi Graham,

    A nice display of “spam cans”.

    Can you please tell me how high above baseboard the rails are at your coaling stage? I’m in the process of building a shed complex myself and am about to start a coaling stage incline on my layout.

    Also how reliable and accurate do you find the MERG powered turntable, I’ve recently built the same MERG kit, but being as I have yet to complete the shed yard I haven’t as yet programmed the stopping positions of the TT bridge.

    Kind Regards,

    Eve Wallis (Southern Region Models – WordPress)

    1. Hi Eve

      The coal stage road is 50mm higher than the main baseboard, this is in fact slightly higher than at Salisbury which required elctric coal elevators on one side and the track lowered on the opposite side to allow the higher Bulleid tendera with their raves to be coaled.

      The MERG kit is very good but does require the mechanical connection between the stepper motor and the deck to be complete solid with no play. Just before the start of every days operating at a show I tend to check and reprgramme if required as transporting the layout to and from shows can see slight changes in alignment. Conbsidering the turntabel is the main focus of attention for Fisherton Sarum at an exhibition it takes quite a hammering during the course of a day, probably more than if it was a fixed home layout.

      1. Hi Eve

        A pleasure. Another thought is that the height of your coal stage also needs to take into consideration the length you have available for the slope to achive the gentlest angle. On Fisherton Sarum this is much shorter and steeper than at Salisbury and is about the shortest ramp I could get away with.

  2. Yes, I too have thought about that, and I also will need a very steep slope at roughly 1 in 20, which an 0-6-0 tank with two coal trucks should be able to handle…….seeing as it’s a mixed BR (S) and (w) shed (with the emphasis on (S)) I might use the Bachmann 8750 pannier or failing that an ex SECR R1.

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