KR Models Announces a Bulleid Leader [updated]

The Bulleid Leader, a desperately sought after model, finally coming to life.

KR Models currently producing a RTR ‘GT3’ Gas Turbine, and taking expressions of interest in the ‘Fell’ have today announced the following:

“Leader was a class of experimental 0-6-0+0-6-0
articulated steam locomotive, 5 were planned but only one was completed, and was produced in the United Kingdom. It looked like a ‘new’ generation of diesel but was actually a steam powered loco. The Leader project was part of Bulleid’s desire to modernise the steam locomotive based on experience gained with the Southern Railway’s fleet of electric stock.”

Livery options are currently stating “brushed aluminium and BR Green” (See my notes below), but expressions of interest can be made on there website here…/products/bulleid-leader

A few points to note:

The intention was in fact, and signed off by the board, to be a class of 30, but only the frames for the first 5 were laid down. 
The lined green livery was only a figment of the painting artist.
36001 ex works only carried 3 variations of the grey livery
Mixed traffic black was certainly discussed and 36001 was recorded inside the works in plain black but when she left the works was in unlined grey.

More information about the Bulleid Leader can be found in my Talking Stock #8 post here

My model of the Bulleid Leader in its very first livery before trials commenced

8 thoughts on “KR Models Announces a Bulleid Leader [updated]

  1. Obviously pleased to see another SR locomotive being produced although there is so many commonplace items as yet unmade (4 COR /4 SUB stock spring to mind). Possible a little too niche for myself but well done if it goes ahead!

  2. Was the Leader ever painted in BR green?

    And if it was – per the manufacturer’s flyer – did it carry BR’s early emblem on green?

    I used to see it on test duties ex-Brighton at Chichester.

    Tony Burgess

    Sent from Tony’s phone

    1. Hi Tony, it was only green in the eyes of the painting artist, 36001 only ever appeared in three versions of grey. Mixed traffic black was rumoured to be a possible livery and one of the unfinished members of the class was seen inside the works but left the works in grey.

  3. Very welcome. I know you already have one Graham!
    Price will be deciding factor for me. Interesting that it seems to be a Canadian enterprise. I have registered my interest anyway.

  4. I was hoping for CC1, 2 or 3 but a Leader will do for now! Time to start saving my pennies.

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