The Graham Farish Class 319 EMU arrives – a review by

Something for the slightly more modern Southern area modellers, in N Gauge, The Graham Farish Class 319 EMUs have arrived.

The NSW Class 319 Picture Courtesy and Copyright KMRC

The models were first announced back in 2016 the 25th anniversary of Network South East, and the following versions are available:

  • 372-875 No. 319004 in the colourful Network SouthEast (Revised) livery of red, white and blue as the units would have been when fresh into traffic, this model is fitted with a Sprung Stone Faiveley pantograph.
  • 372-876 The Thameslink franchise was operated by Thameslink (Govia) from 1997. The Class 319/1s built in 1990 were the only 319s to feature first class seating but this was quickly removed by Thameslink, following which the units were reclassified as Class 319/3s. No. 319382 depicts a typical Thameslink Class 319/3 in its bold blue and yellow livery and fitted with a Sprung Brecknell Willis pantograph.
  • 372-877 As new trains were acquired for Thameslink services, many 319s found work away from London including twenty 319/3s with Northern Rail. Following light refurbishment, the units were decorated in Northern Electrics livery as carried by No. 319362 which is fitted with a Sprung Brecknell Willis pantograph.
The DTSO with the missing 3rd rail shoe beam from the leading bogie. Picture Courtesy and Copyright KMRC

As I am not an N Gauge modeller and do not have one of the units review, my friend and excellent N Gauge modeller Tom Everitt, who also edits the highly recommended website has kindly allowed me to link here to his comprehensive review of the Graham Farish Class 319.

It is noted that the DTSO is missing the 3d rail shoe beams on the leading bogie and Bachmann Europe are correcting this error by making a replacement bogie available. They will announce more details on that shortly and the process for obtaining them, and should be commended for taking this action.



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  1. 319004 was delivered new 29th October 1987 (for commissioning at Strawberry Hill) in Network SouthEast (First livery version, lighter blue, angled upsweeps). I cannot locate the date for outshopping in Network SouthEast (Later version, darker blue, curved upsweeps) – thence into Connex livery.

    319382 was renumbered July 1999 (previously 319182) having been outshopped Thameslink blue /yellow livery 21st August 1999. It received FCC livery on 30th October 2009.

    319362 was renumbered February 1998 (previously 319162). It was outshoppd (from FCC) into Northern (blue/two tone purple, blue doors). It was outshopped white 11th March 2017 (thence third version of 319 livery for Northern, plain white with blue doors, blue sweep down behind cabs to solebar by first passenger door on 6th February 2018).

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