Hornby 2012 Southern related releases…

Although already out else where on the web I, unlike some blogs and forums, will respect Hornby’s intended release date and will be posting details and additional further information about the Hornby 2012 Southern related releases here on Tuesday morning (3rd Jan).

My post will include pictures of the pre-production samples as well as some Hornby supplied images.

Happy New Year to all!

Edit 03/01/12: See full post here

4 thoughts on “Hornby 2012 Southern related releases…

  1. Graham,

    I respect your stance on this, although to my mond once the cat is out of the bag, there’s little point in pretending the information isn’t out there.

    Just don’t refer to an ‘unconverted Open Second’ at any point (like Model Rail have), I don’t think my blood pressure can deal with many more erroneous descriptions.

    Unconverted, unrebuilt, aaaargh!


  2. Having read Model Rail issue 165, I believe that I know what to expect. And yes, it is difficult to observe a well-intentioned temporary embargo when the media is geared to other priorities.


  3. I am very pleased to see Hornby are going to produce Maunsell push-pull set 610. I did make a BSL kit but that is out of survice following a collision with my Hornby Dublo Barnstaple. I am modelling the Swanage Railway and 610 was used there. I hope they produce some other numbers. I would be interested to find out what the price is. They are going to sell well at the Swanage Station shop.

    1. Set 610 is currently shown as being the coach pack and Set 600 (the shortest lived of the 20 converted sets) is currently shown as being the train pack set with the M7 (although I need to recheck the coach numbers as I am not convinced they are shown correctly on the Hornby released mock up image. I am pretty sure they will release other set numbers in the future although it is not that difficult to renumber if required.

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