Project USA – Model Rail magazine announce ’00’ RTR Southern USA Tank

Following on from the success of their first commissioned model steam locomotive in the shape of the Sentinal 4wVBT in 2011 Model Rail Magazine  have announced that their next commission via Dapol [Edit: 31/08/13, this model will now be produced by Bachmann] will be the Southern Railway USA 0-6-0 tank.

The Southern Railway purchased 14 (plus one extra for spares) of these powerful, short wheel based locomotives from the United States Army Transportation Corps in 1946 for use within Southampton Docks. They were modified at at Eastleigh works to suit SR use including: adding steam heating, vacuum ejectors, sliding cab windows, additional lamp irons and new cylinder drain cocks. Once the locomotives started to enter traffic, large roof-top ventilators were fitted, British regulators to replace the US-style pull-out one,  extended coal bunkers, separate steam and vacuum brake controls and wooden tip-up seats.

Six of the class were later transferred to departmental stock and could be found at locations such Guildford shed and Meldon Quarry. They were eventually replaced at Southampton by the Class 07 diesel shunters. Withdrawal of the class took place between 1964 and 1967.

Designed to the same standard as the Sentinals the models will feature: Accurate laser scanned body and chassis, Five pole super-creep motor, Heavy tungsten chassis for reliable performance and outstanding haulage power, DCC Ready, Spring Buffers, wire handrails, NEM Couplings, Extra detailing parts such as fire irons and duty boards, Etched metal front steps and Cab / bunker and smokebox variations.  Initially, due September 2013, these will be available in four liveries:

MR-101 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 4326 in United States Army Transportation Corps livery.
MR-102 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 68 in Southern Black livery with Sunshine lettering.
MR-103 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 30069 in BR Black livery with early emblem.
MR-104 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 30064 in BR Lined Malachite Green livery with late crest.

They can be pre-ordered via the Model Rail offers website here. 

12 thoughts on “Project USA – Model Rail magazine announce ’00’ RTR Southern USA Tank

  1. Well I’ll certainly have to have one of these! Two of them were stored beside the turntable at Tonbridge before going on to the KESR (I think).

  2. Any more information re Hornby S15 also Bachmann Radial Tank as featured on Twitter. Im pleased to tell you that Enid is a lot better but not yet 100%, were pressing on getting SOMERSCOMBE up and running again so that my Malachite machines will see daylight again! Meanwhile we are polishing the DUCATI for some summer fun (cant be doing with F””£$%&&) All the best from Alan and Enid

    1. HI Alan, The tweet messages were retweets from elsewhere and while interesting and indeed possibly correct I am unable at this to collaborate such.

      I am pleased Enid is on the mend.



  3. I “pre-ordered” one as soon as they were announced but there has been no communication since then. Will they ever materialise?

    1. Hi

      The second versions of the Cads have been reviewed in the couple of weeks by Model Rail with input from myself and now are signed off for tooling to commence. Some shots of the Cads had appeared in a recent issue so they have not been totally quiet about them. Also as per my Warley round up post they have also announced two further livery versions.

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