BR(s) Pull Push sets arrive from Hornby

As first announced by Hornby in January this year the models of the BR conversions of Maunsell stock into Twenty Pull Push sets, that were converted by BR(SR) from late 1959 to mid 1960, have now started to hit the retailers.  The Hornby models correctly consisted of an 1935 built ex-Diagram 2403 Maunsell Brake Corridor Composite and a Diagram 2023 (ex 1930 built Diagram 2005) Maunsell Second Open (was designated a Third Open until 1956). Hornby have released  the sets both as a coach pack (R4534) as Set 610 and the train pack (R3087) as set 600 with M7 30029.

Building on the success of their excellent Maunsell coach range they have of course utilised a number of common components such as the underframes and bogies, complete with their standard close coupling cam arrangement and  NEM pockets etc. Both coach bodies are new toolings to take into account the driving brake and also the  Diagram 2023 Third / Open Second.

The models correctly recreate the modifications to the prototype; where the brake end was modified by inserting two windows to form a driving compartment,  the corridor connection removed and plated over (complete with rivet detail), and droplights replacing the familiar former guard’s lookout duckets. Similarly the outer end of the Second Open had its outer corridor connection removed and plated over  but the corridor connection between the two vehicles was retained.  Hornby’s attention to detail has included the up-rated EMU style buffer stocks fitted to the outer ends of both coaches along with fine rivet detail, the additional lamp irons, handrails, steps and whistle on the driving end. This attention to detail has also extended to the fact that the driving end bogie correctly has the guard irons represented, and also within the interior that features correctly coloured seating for both 1st. & 2nd. class along with brown partitions, all very nice touches!

Livery and printing matches the high standard of the existing Maunsell Stock range, and unlike on their recently released Van Bs have they managed to get the ‘Guard’ lettering on the doors the correct size. 30029 within the R3087 Train pack version has the shed plate 75F for Tonbridge Wells West, printed on the smokebox door, which is correct for both the 30029’s and Set 600’s allocation for the time period c1963.  They have however used the dog clamp fitted smokebox door arrangement on this M7, where in reality 30029 retained the centre dart method of keeping the door closed.

The Second / Third Open type is also due to be released as a Diagram 2005 loose coach in Olive Green as No. 1400 and BR(s) Green as s1314s but of course fitted with standard buffers and corridor connections at each end.

As these were only introduced by BR(s) from 1959 for those of us modelling earlier periods it should be remembered that   ex LSWR Gate Stock Pull Push units have been commissioned by Kernow Model Centre for release probably early 2013 and I know that the early stages of the CAD preparation is underway.

Note: ‘Pull Push’ rather than ‘Push Pull’ was the description usually coined by the Southern Railway / Southern Region within working notices etc for these type of workings.

18 thoughts on “BR(s) Pull Push sets arrive from Hornby

  1. Looks very good but MRP £199.99!! Even at £156 its a lot for an existing tank engine and two coaches which only have a new bodies – so few R&D costs.

    1. Well all model prices have risen over the last 18 months or so regardless of the manufacturer. The 2 coach set without the loco is retailing around the £60 mark. R&D costs for the research and tooling for the two new bodies etc is still a substantial investment and sales volumes to gain a return on that investment is less than with most coaches due to one one livery variation being possible and only 20 possible set numbers (not that I can them producing more than a few different set number variations). If the Set 619 that is possibly going to be restored on the Swanage railway gets underway then perhaps a future limited edition might be a sensible option.

      1. I think you’re being generous to Hornby Graham. The CAD would be easy as the basic shell etc would be similar and simply a different version and so on. Agree limited run must be higher price – but £60 for a pair is less than 2 Pullmans or Gresleys (where R&D must be recovered) and surely R&D must be recovered now on the M7 (which is £96 on this basis). I would not be surprised if Hornby are profiteering on the willingness of some of the market to pay premium prices. I wonder what their break even sales points are.

  2. And don’t forget that we should really base on judgement on the MRP not the discounted prices that retailers choose to sell things at. The latter are prepared to limit their profit in order to ensure sales. But if the prices are otherwise fixed and MRP is really fictitous – OFT might be interested.

  3. MIne arrived yesterday, really pleased. At the moment the only change will be to fit Jackson wheels (smoother ride). £60 sounds expensive, but I couldn’t make them for that. Thanks Mr Hornby. Just need to finish that layout…….

  4. According to a financial report I saw on BBC World TV (I’m in Germany). Products sent from China in shipping containers have been subjected to large increases in Shipping costs. The only reason for this, that was given, related to problems of Pirates off the African coast. And despite the fact that the Container shipping industry also revealed it was unaffected by any economic downturn, and indeed had seen a rise in demand.
    Hornby will of course be affected by this problem….

    1. Hi Anthony

      I am sure this may well have something to do with the general price increase across all the manufacturers as this will of course affect the likes of Dapol and Bachmann too not just Hornby.

  5. I have just heard from Hattons that R4534A BR Maunsell Pull-Push set will not be available until Monday 3 June 2013. I went to a model railway exhibition at Shoreham when R4534 came out in July. Morris’s had sold the one they had taken to the exhibition but they said they had another at their shop at Lancing. I wish I had bought it. I missed the second batch as well because I had already ordered R4534A when Platform 1 Models at Lytchett Minster had their delivery. Now Platform 1 models will close soon because they cannot compete with shops like Hattons.

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