Hornby 2Bil availability response

In addition to my post last week 2Bil or no 2Bil the issue regarding the availability of the 2Bil EMU train packs has been raised on a number of online forums, by retailers and also on Hornby’s own Facebook page where they have posted the following in response to a question raised there:

The popularity of the 2-BIL, although not a surprise has placed us in a very difficult situation. The original plan for the release of the 2-BIL was scheduled for early January, with this in mind orders for the unit had to be placed with our supplier very early in 2012. Obviously, as we had no orders to base our requirements on we had to estimate what we believed the demand would be. Of course if the model had been scheduled for release say in September 2013 we would not have been in the position we now find ourselves but we were determined to have a totally new model out into the market as early as possible in 2013.

The model was announced along with the rest of the 2013 range on the 18 December . The model was delivered in part 6 weeks later but of course it was too late to extend production of the model as by then we could see that the demand was going to outstrip our estimations and therefore we have had to look at allocating of the stock available. The balance of our initial deliveries will not be fully in our warehouse until the 25 March. I can assure you that additional models have been ordered for the NRM and BR versions and we believe that they will be with us in June.
In short we are not happy with the situation and neither are our retailers nor the modellers! Sadly the launch of the 2-BIL has been a victim of its own success.
Following my previous post I do not think any further comment on the above is necessary. My review of the units will be posted in due course.

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