Hornby Maunsell Open 2nd / 3rd delivery dates

Hornby’s R4538 Maunsell unconverted* open third class coach in BR green and R4537 Maunsell unconverted* open third class coach in Southern Maunsell green were originally announced in January 2012 and were a logical addition to the range as they were also tooling a variant to be part of the BR converted Maunsell Pull Push sets .
I have recently noticed a variety of misinformation about delivery dates appearing on various online forums and in communications from some retailers (although some do match that below), there has also been an increase in the number of times they have appeared in the search terms used resulting in readers arriving on this blog.

Maunsell Third/Second Open as a loose coach (Picture courtesy of Hornby)
Maunsell Third/Second Open (Picture courtesy of Hornby Magazine)

To clarify the situation and after discussion direct with Hornby I am able to confirm the current anticipated delivery dates to Hornby in Margate, and therefore retailers shortly afterwards as being:

R4538 Maunsell open second class coach in BR green due June 3rd 2013
R4537 Maunsell open third class coach in Southern Maunsell green due 9th September 2013

I will not add to or comment on the reasons and or speculation for the apparent and or perceived delay in these arriving other than I am sure they will be worth the wait and sometimes as modellers we should be a little more patient in this seemingly “I want it now world”!

*Note: ‘unconverted’ is a term used by Hornby and is a bit like the term ‘unrebuilt’ being used for Bulleid Pacifics in original form. Technically the term ‘unconverted’ is not necessary at all in describing the coach.

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    1. Well Hornby never divulge there production run numbers for obvious reasons but like you I hope they meet the obvious demand for the these coaches.

  1. Thanks Graham for the update, hopefully next year the “unconverted” two coach predecessor to the pull push pair may appear, or even a restaurant kitchen car to go with the SO.

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