A few new BR(s) related arrivals in the market

This is just a quick update post to advise of a number of BR(s) model items in at the retailers this week.

Firstly, from  Hornby, after what seems like an age waiting, not one Pull Push set but two..both the A and B versions of the  R4534 ex Maunsell Pull-Push coach pack are now in stockists.  As I have previously advised the A version is numbered as set 616 whilst the B version appears as Set 603.

Hornby are charging more for the B version than the A version and many reputable  retailers, such as my friends at the Kernow Model Centre,  have kept the A price as originally offered and not sneaked it up to match the B version price. I am advised that the A version has already sold out at Hornby although a quick look at some retailers websites show a reasonable level of stock for both versions. My review of the first batch of Pull Push sets can be read here.

Also recently arrived is the R4536B Hornby Bogie Passenger Brake B Coach [sic] number S217S in BR (SR) Green livery. The correct Southern term for this item of rolling stock is Bogie Van B. My review of the first batch of Bogie Van B’s can be read here, and I am pleased to advise the slightly oversize ‘Guard’ lettering noted has now been corrected.

Both these items are excellent models and show what Hornby can achieve when at its best.

The other item of BR(s) interest to arrive, which like the above Pull Push Units are actually out of my own modelling timeframe, hence no pictures or a full review is the updated Class 33/0 from Heljan. When first released the original Heljan Class 33/0 was let down by a number of things including: an incorrect roof profile, poorly moulded roof grill, later style roof panel fixings and the bogie springs not being set in enough. This new version was only announced at Warley last year, following a fall out with Rail Exclusive Models whom had commissioned a new version. BR(S) green versions and more modern ‘Dutch’ engineers livery versions have now been released. The roof profile is indeed much improved as is the roof fan grill with a visible fan below and the bogie springs. The body side grill has changed from being moulded detail to a a possibly too coarse etching and on Dutch livery version some of the previous raised detail has been replaced with printed only and the loco numbers appear to be in the wrong font, so all in all some good points and some bad.

8 thoughts on “A few new BR(s) related arrivals in the market

  1. There seems to be a good supply of R4534A, BR Pull-Push Set 616. The Swanage Railway Station shop has eight. Does anyone know the set number of R4534C which is due to come out in July? Often four were running on the Swanage Railway that I am modelling at the same time. I have bought two to join my BSL kit built set so I am thinking of buying a second Set 616 and renumbering it rather than waiting for R4534C.

    1. Hi Robin
      Hornby have not yet released details of the set number for the C version. When I last spoke to Simon Kohler at Hornby in January they had not decided it yet.

    1. Set 616 was initially 1959 to at least 1961 a Central section set but was in the West Country by 1963 as it was recorded on the Seaton Branch

  2. There is a list of the SR Maunsell sets with their allocations in table 11 on page 148 of An Illustrated History of Southern Pull-Push Stock by Mike King published by OPC. On page 147 there are two pictures of Set 616 by A. E. West. Plate 171 shows the set at Seaton Junction on 19 April 1963. Plate 172 shows Set 616 at Wareham on 18 September 1964 after the withdrawal of the M7s.Set 616 had yellow first class cantrail markings. George Moon took a picture of Set 603 at Swanage Station on Good Friday 1963 with an M7 sandwiched between the set and a strengthening coach. This is on plate 70 of Swanage Railway Album by George Moon, Michael Stollery and myself published by the Southern Steam Trust. As I am modelling the Swanage Railway I am pleased that I do not have to do any renumbering yet.

  3. SR pull-push sets – #616. Several boxes available from Invicta Models in Sidcup, at a good price too. You want them? They sell them!

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