New 00 RTR Manufacturer to produce an ex LSWR 0415 class Adams Radial

After a  teaser campaign on there new website The 4mm scale road vehicle manufacturer Oxford Diecast, that has producing models for some time have today launched a new brand called Oxford Rail to produce a range of 4mm 00 gauge locomotives and rolling stock.

Their first locomotive, that they advise is already at a very advanced stage of development including tooling, is an ex LSWR 0415 class 4-4-2T Adams Radial Tank. This particular class of locomotives, famed for the three old age survivors working the Axminster to Lyme Regis branch, has been high on the wish list polls for a number of years. In fact there has been a number of manufacturers looking at producing this particular model recently but Oxford Rail have managed to be first past the post to announce it.

They advise the following:

“For some years the development team at ‘Oxford’ have been examining the possibilities of bringing their undoubted skills at producing accurate and detailed models to the varied and diverse world of the UK model railway market and have now decided that the time is right for them to launch their first model. Introduced under the Oxford Rail banner, the inaugural locomotive will be the much vaunted Adams Radial, Class 415, however this new division is not just interested in producing adhoc and random locomotives, but have established a development plan of introductions not seen in the UK for many years. CEO Lyndon Davies explained. “I, along with my development team have been closely monitoring, for several years the interest in model railways especially in the UK and now believe that the time is right for Oxford Rail to enter the market. Anyone who knows me is aware that I would not be interested in just introducing the odd locomotive.  We have a rolling planned introduction program based on extensive market research, as well as sitting down and talking to the modeller, and more importantly listening! I am determined that Oxford Rail will be seen and judged on the integrity and the quality of our models that I, along with my team will be offering. Our first model, which I am really excited about will be the Adams Radial, Class 415 but there will be other items announced in the not too distant future and not all will be locomotives. This first item is already in tooling and will be launched in 2015, with first shots in Q1 2015.”

The Oxford Rail website is now active and further updates on new introductions and their development will be part of the site with enthusiasts and modellers being invited to comment. Products will be available through all good hobby shops and specialist outlets.

Further announcements will be made shortly, but for the moment Oxford Rail wish it to be known that they are now open for business and it is the business of providing excellent quality models.”

Full details can be found on their website here although the list of actual variations being produced, numbers and liveries has not yet been announced. It should be noted that there were variations even amongst the final three with two different boilers  being swapped around and other detail differences, the webpage states BR rather than LSWR or SR so perhaps only BR liveries will be produced first (which would be a shame as I know other potential manufacturers were looking at a wider range of options)  so watch this space.

10 thoughts on “New 00 RTR Manufacturer to produce an ex LSWR 0415 class Adams Radial

  1. Manufacturer 00 Works’ radial tank has been out of production for a good few years. Whilst a nice model at the time, some locomotives did suffer from warping of the running plate and only one version of the locomotive was built albeit available with the three BR numbers as well as EKR number 5.

    It is great to see another manufacturer now making the radial tank. The full-size locomotives were made by four builders (Beyer-Peacock, Dubs & Co, Stephenson & Neilson & Co (latter includes surviving 488) and hopefully Oxford Rail will encompass the differences.

    I wish Oxford Rail well and look forward to their forthcoming models!

  2. Kernow Models was dropping heavy hints of an RTR Adams Radial on their Facebook page at the start of October, is this the same project ?

    Also, did you have the chance to find out why Kernow’s Diagram 1541 LSWR brake van will be offered in BR bauxite livery when it was an unfitted van? I would not expect any to have carried this livery.

    1. No this is nota Kernow project the hints previously made by Kernow were due to their one time plans to make a similar announcemnet but they will now be concentrating on other items.
      Six of the brake vans were fitted sonce LSWR days and remained so during their lives.

  3. I had just seen the advert for the Oxford Adams Radial tank in one of the magazines, when I got Hornby’s email newsletter this morning to see that they are well on the way to producing… an Adams Radial tank in at least three stages of its development! Why oh why can’t manufacturers consult one another to avoid duplication?! It’s that old “you wait an hour for a bus, then three arrive together!”

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