Oxford Rail announce 3 new Adams Radial 0415 class liveries and new GWR Dean Goods locomotive and wagons

Following on from their release last year of the ex London South Western Railway (LSWR) Adams Radial 0415 class 4-4-2T and 7 plank 1923 Private Owner wagons (albeit with some spurious details and liveries) Oxford Rail have announced at the London Toy Fair three new liveries for the Adams Radial, and new models including a GWR Dean Goods 0-6-0 locomotive, 4 and 6 plank open wagons, an LNER cattle wagon and the development of BR Mk3 coaches (which might be seen as a surprise by some as they do not really fit in with the rest of the range). In addition two further liveries of their 7 plank wagon have also been announced for release this year.

Oxford Rail 3520 in Olive Green livery
Oxford Rail 3520 in Olive Green livery, as will be likely with the yet to be released 488 version the green livery highlights the lack of daylight under the boiler due to the motor/gearbox arrangement. 

The three new Adams Radial liveries are as follows:
OR76AR004 number 30582 in BR Late crest livery she gained in June 1960, with double slide bars Drummond boiler
OR76AR005 East Kent Railway number 5 (ex LSWR 0488) in green livery with single slide bars and Adams boiler as running on the line post WW1 and 1939 after which she was laid derelict until being purchased by the SR in 1946 (when she was overhauled, fitted with a Drummond boiler and entered service as 3488.
OR76AR006 number 3520 in the Southern Railway Lined Olive Green  livery with double slide bars and Drummond boiler as between January 1934 and January 1940. Note the version pictured is a pre-production sample and subject to change (perhaps the green is a little light?).

The GWR Dean Goods 2301 class 0-6-0 will be released as three versions, GWR Lined livery as number 2309, BR Early Emblem livery as 2409 and GWR plain green livery as 2475. Four version of the 4 plank wagon, based on a Scottish prototype, will be North British and three Private owner versions, Two versions of the 6 plank wagon will be produced in NE and BR(E) liveries.  The LNER Cattle wagon will be released in NE and BR(E) liveries.

Tooling for the Dean Goods is in development whilst the wagons are fully tooled for release during this year.

5 thoughts on “Oxford Rail announce 3 new Adams Radial 0415 class liveries and new GWR Dean Goods locomotive and wagons

  1. There is a ‘Dean Goods’ out there already, out of production and way behind modern standards, but capable of being uprated and re-introduced faster than the ODC one? This seems an unoriginal choice for ODC – let’s hope it succeeds for them.

  2. Only a matter of time until the Radial was announced in Southern livery. But a surprising if not unpleasant choice. I agree the illustration looks a little light for olive.

  3. I’ve been wondering if the loco number on the Southern Radial model is disproportionately large. There is an oblique photo of one in the SEMG website gallery which I reckon to have smaller numerals.
    Any else with views on this?
    Tony Burgess

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