6 thoughts on “Picture of the Month – August 2018

  1. .The only duplicate No. I ever saw was 3441. Shunted and local goods at Guildford and Woking so I can t imagine how it got t to Fisherton Sarum.

    1. Hi Gerry
      3441 was allocated to Salisbury between the early 1940’s until 1951 when she was indeed transferred to Guildford, hence appearing on Fisherton Sarum.

  2. Nice picture Graham, I’ve always had a soft spot for the 0395’s and hopefully someone will do a RTR version (cough Hornby cough).

  3. Graham, Whilst modifying the brake hangers on my N class tenders, I observed that the buffer separation on the slope sided version was 1.5 mm less than on the straight sided one.Only having drawings for the latter, I am wondering if this is correct, or a Bachmann design error.Your advice would be appreciated. Regards Peter Crawshaw ( Australia )


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