Picture of the Month – July 2019

This months picture…

An ex LSWR Adams B4 0-4-0T No. 100 shunts alongside the warehouse at Canute Road Quay. The B4 is a McGowen white metal kit.

PS. Happy we got rid American Independence Day to my USA readers on the 4th,  a date that is over shadowed this year by my own 50th birthday…

9 thoughts on “Picture of the Month – July 2019

  1. Happy birthday for the 4th July Graham. Keep up the good work!

    Is it time I paid my annual subs to SW Circle?

    Kind regards,


  2. Wishing you a happy 50th, Graham,….Being 21 years ahead of you I am so appreciative of the wonderful r-t-r stuff now available, need to get my layout running while there’s still time!

  3. David,

    I am of the same age (b 1947) and its never to late I hope! My re-jigged 70D layout’s boards/frames should be installed next week. Graham’s work is an inspiration is it not?

    Kind regards

  4. Hi Richard. Graham’s layouts (which I’ve yet to see “in the flesh”) are indeed the standard to which I aspire. Family needs are interrupting my own layout construction, but it’s the darn electrics which are the real problem. Thankfully it is a portable layout and my local club (Bracknell) have kindly offered assistance if I take it to the clubroom. Good luck with yours. The Southern is a wonderfully varied and endlessly interesting railway!

    1. Many thanks for your kind messages David and Richard, whilst I am unable to set Fisherton Sarum up at home, Canute Road Quay always is, so if you are ever in the Soutb Bucks area let me know and you can drop in for a look and a play. Regards

      1. A lovely offer, Graham, thanks. How should I contact you to arrange a visit? I’m not terribly proficient at Facebook or Twitter, needing guidance from younger family members when they’re available!

      2. We corresponded a little while ago here via my blog, as you expressed an interest in seeing Fisherton Sarum at some stage along with Canute Road Quay.

        I just wanted to let you know that myself a few friends are setting hiring a local village hall this coming Saturday and Sunday to set up three layouts, including Fisherton Sarum as we have a few exhibitions coming up over the next couple of months and we are using the weekend as a bit of a shake down. If you are free either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning you would be more than welcome to drop by.

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