New Development Manager for Kernow Model Rail Centre – or letting the cat out of the bag

I am delighted to announce that, after spending 15 years in the Road Safety and Traffic Management sector, spending some time out due to Covid 19 has resulted in a decision to change lifestyle, I am delighted, having already hinted a new role, to be taking up the newly created role of Development Manager with the Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) working alongside Chris Trerise the KMRC Managing Director. I will officially start the role on 1st October.

Canute Road Quay has seen the addition of a semi permanent photographic light box in preparation for the new role

The new role is responsible for the research, development, and project management of our commissions along with some aspects of PR, Social media, website development and, once they are taking place again managing their presence at some exhibitions.

Obviously as regular readers will know I have already assisted KMRC with a number of their model commissions in the past (and a few for the future) so I am already familiar with their projects and the team.

My appointment provides KMRC with additional resource to develop and manage the wide range of their ongoing and planned projects.

Don’t worry the appointment will not affect this blog and or its future content.

28 thoughts on “New Development Manager for Kernow Model Rail Centre – or letting the cat out of the bag

  1. Congratulations Graham, it sounds like a truly useful Southern role!

    Here’s hoping you’ll let many more cats out the bag about future releases!


    Jeremy English

  2. Congratulations Graham. Hopefully we might see a few more Southern items – starting with some Tavern sets!

  3. Well done Graham you have joined an organisation that is already one of the leading suppliers to our hobby.

    I wish you well and look for a few more LSWR models!

    Kind regards,

    Richard B

  4. Congratulations Graham. KMRC are lucky to have you on board. You have a huge amount to offer them. I look forward to more Southern announcements! Very best wishes for the new role.


  5. Many congratulations Graham. As others have said, I think it is a great development for you, Kernow and the hobby.
    Promise not to bug you too much about the LSWR Road Van!

  6. Well done Graham – nice one! Hopefully some IOW coaches to go with the o2 will appear at some point!

  7. Manny hearty congratulations Graham, a match made in (railway) heaven. And I cannot think of anyone more likely to keep the sacred Southern flame alive.

    1. I don’t know how successful the 4TC was but shrinking this and the MLV and 2Epb might be worth consideration as would be the ubiquitous Bullied 4 Sub!
      as a new model.


  8. Congratulations Graham, Chris took his time in the appointment! I thought you were part of the development team for years.

  9. My pennies worth first congrats. Now the serious bit centre coach for the 2H. Then a 3D and a Tadpole. Yes a 4SUB all in 4mm.


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