Kernow Model Rail Centre approve ex LSWR 10T Diagram 1541 Road Van for Production.

The Kernow Model Rail Centre, and therefore by default myself, have advised that the much-anticipated ex LSWR / SR Diagram 1541 10T Road Van has been approved for production. This follows the careful review and approval of the Engineering Prototypes received last year and the decorated samples of all ten of the versions being produced that were received last week.

First introduced by the London & South Western Railway (LSWR) in 1884 they were later classed as Southern Railway Diagram 1541. Almost 500 of these were built between then and 1905 making them the most numerous LSWR Goods Brake Van. Brake Vans with side doors through which parcels or other goods could be loaded were known as road vans.

LSWR Road Van Decorated livery samples Image

The decorated livery samples can be seen above, (note that some of the samples were only the body assembly). Approval for production has been given subject to a couple of minor amendments to the printing on the solebar cast plate for two of the SR livery versions, the spacing (Kernow correcting the Kerning – a designers injoke) of the numbers on the LSWR SB003B version and the solebar and buffer colour on three of the BR grey versions. 

LSWR Road Van Decorated livery sample SB003H Image

SB003H LSWR Road Van number 54611 in pre-1936 large SR lettered livery is illustrated and shows the correct SR Goods Wagon brown, lettering style and the solebar cast plate that has wording “SR” “54611” an “Eastleigh Works” all perfectly legible. 

KMRC anticipate production to commence at the end of March 2021 (following Chinese New Year) with shipment to the UK during May 2021 (subject to shipping availability) and hope to have them in stock for fulfilment of orders at the end May /early June 2021.

Details of all ten versions being produced can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Kernow Model Rail Centre approve ex LSWR 10T Diagram 1541 Road Van for Production.

  1. They look gorgeous and are a must for any LSWR/SR/BR(SR) model. Thank you for keeping us all informed Graham.
    May I make one suggestion and that is, particularly for the BR grey version, that some alternative numbers be made available, as do Hornby with their ex-LSWR brake vans. I’d buy at least two and probably three of them instead of just one!

    Jeremy English

    1. Any further numbered BR versions would have to wait until any second batch. However I have been in discussions with Cambridge Custom Transfers about alternative number transfers especially as they were on a black patch.

  2. Lovely looking models. With the balcony being at only one end were they marshalled with that outward only (requiring a turning move as necessary) or just bunged on the back as they came?

  3. With all that is occurring in the world beyond my (10-months CV19 shielding) doorstep it is so nice to have the occasional gem of good news!


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