Hornby announce their 2022 range, new liveries for SR/BR(s) items

Hornby have today announced their forthcoming range for 2022. Although no tooling from a Southern Railway perspective modellers, the highlights include new versions of the Class 423 4-VEP EMUs, a new Dublo version of the original Merchant Navy and new LSWR and Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway liveried ‘generic’ coaches.

New Tooling

Hornby’s new tooling for 2022 moves away from the SR this year with a brand new LMS Black 5, LMS Princess Royal Class ‘The Turbomotive’, a revised HST power car and Mk3 coaches, the larger Sentinel industrial 0-6-0 diesel, LNER Coronation coaches and ‘beaver tail’ observation car, Class 755/3 & 755/4 ‘Flirt’ electric and bi-mode units and the GWR Loriot Y machinery well truck.  A Limited Edition version of the LNER A4 also enters the Dublo range with a cast metal body.

Locomotives and EMUs

Although technically no new locomotive tooling for Southern modelers; however we see the re-introduction of the Class 423 4-VEP EMU, Hornby are listing this as new tooling, but it is  the original tooling with only minor corrections such as to the front cab area, the first class internal partitions now having windows, improved inter coach coupling and power transfer, 5 pole motor bogie and now is also 21 pin DCC ready.

  • R30106 – Southern Class 423/1 4-VEP EMU Train Pack – final condition as between 2003 and 2005 – Unit Number 3514 [Q4]
  • R30107 – South West Trains Class 423 4-VEP EMU Train Pack – post refurbished condition as between 1996 and 2004 – Unit number TBA [Q4]

  • R30122 – Departmental A1X ‘Terrier’ 0-6-0 D.S.680 in lLancing Works shunter livery as carried between March 1952 and withdrawal on 4th June 1962. [Q4]

  • R30140 –  BR M7 Class 0-4-4T 30244 in British Railways (Gills Sans) malachite green livery as carried between September 1948 and January 1952 and allocated to Nine Elms. [Q4]

  • R3434 – SR Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 21C1 ‘Channel Packet’  a reintroduction as originally released in 2017 (delayed from 2016) in as when introduced condition with widows peak and horseshoe smokebox door plate as between in June1941 and August 1941. A limited run of 500 models.[Q4]

  • R30129 – BR Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2 34072 ‘257 Squadron’  in early BR malachite green livery with British railways in Sunshine lettering as carried between her introduction in April 1948 and April 1952 when she gained BR Green. [Q4]

  • R30114 – BR West Country Class 4-6-2 34046 ‘Braunton’ in BR Green livery and high rave tender with early emblem as she an between Jan 1954 and June 1957. [Q4]

  • R30112 – Hornby Dublo – Merchant Navy 4-6-2 Lamport & Holt’ BR Green livery with early emblem as carried between June 1952 and July 1955. Limited Edition of 500 models. [Q3]

  • R30153 – BR Class 50 Co-Co 50044 ‘Exeter’ in Network South East livery as carried from April 1982. New 21pin DCC socket [Q2]

  • R30154 – BR Class 50 Co-Co 50042 ‘Triumph’  in BR large logo livery as carried from May 1982. New 21pin DCC socket [Q3]

Other Train packs

  • R30123 – K&ESR Terrier 150th Anniversary Pack –  A1 No. 70 Poplar in LBSC ‘Improved engine Green as running prior to sale to K&ESR in 1901 and A1X 2678 in SR Sunshine black as currently preserved. A Limited Edition of 500 numbered train packs. [Q4]

  • R3961 – Isle of Wight Central Railway, Terrier Train Pack – Era 3 A1X No. 11 and three ‘Generic’ 4 wheel coaches (Composite, Brake Third and Full Brake) [Q4]

Coaching Stock

  • R40221 SR, Maunsell Dining Saloon Third [sic] (actually a Composite Dining Saloon), 7844 to Diagram 2658 in SR green as approximately between 18th November 1947 and mid 1949. She was outshopped Crimson and Cream livery4th February 1955, however the SR style lettering was likely to have been amend to BR style before the end of 1949 .[Q4]

  • R40222 BR, Maunsell Dining Saloon First [sic] (actually a Composite Dining Saloon), S7842S to  Diagram 2658 in Crimson and Cream livery as carried in between 7th December 1954 and being outshopped BR(S) Green 12th August 1957. [Q4]

  • R40289 LSWR, 6 Wheel Coach, 1st Class, 490, R40291 LSWR, 6 Wheel Coach, 3rd Class, 821, R40293 LSWR, 6 Wheel Coach, 3rd Class, 648, R40295 LSWR, 4 Wheel Coach, Passenger Brake, 82 (Generic) [Q3]

  • R40296 S&DJR, 6 Wheel Coach, 1st Class,  R40298 S&DJR, 6 Wheel Coach, 3rd Class, 109, R40300 S&DJR, 6 Wheel Coach, 3rd Class, 72, R40302 S&DJR, 4 Wheel Coach, Passenger Brake, 8 (Generic) [Q3]

  • R60090 – SR Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van no. 2467 in SR Maunsell Olive Green livery to Diagram 3099. [Q4]

Skaledale – South Eastern buildings

A nice range of SER buildings is included in the Skaledale ready to plant resin buildings range due to be available Q4,

The range includes:

  • R7362 – SER Station
  • R7363 – SER Station Building
  • R7364 – SER Platform Shelter
  • R7365 – SER Signal Box
  • R7366 – SER Footbridge

The full Hornby 2022 range can be found on the Hornby website here of the RMweb forum here and of course all items can be pre-ordered / purchased from our friends at the Kernow Model Rail Centre.

24 thoughts on “Hornby announce their 2022 range, new liveries for SR/BR(s) items

  1. Thank you for the information. Pleased to see the Coronation, LSWR and Somerset and Dorset Railway coaches an Isle of Wight Railway set.

  2. Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van . . . . but not in BR green . . .
    Maunsell Dining Saloon . . . . last year’s BR green still not available?

    Lots of repaints and re-issues – much floss, little substance.

      1. I endured the whole hour of it . . . Conclusion – not much substance.
        The ‘Coronation’ coaches were used in BR days, but no details about their being released as such. Doing that would generate much extra cash-flow, quickly, but perhaps they have production capacity issues?

      2. There are a similar number of completely new tooled models than past years, including the Coronation coaches, all new Black 5 with a wide tooling suite, 0-6-0 Sentinel, Class 755/3&4, LMS turbomotive updated HST and Mk3 coaches, new tooled IEP coaches to complete sets, GWR Loriot Y machinery well truck, so quite a bit of substance even if it not specifically your own area of interest.

  3. I note the Vep is the refurbished version and possibly other liveries could be commissioned but no 4 Sub…..

  4. The alterations to the 4 VEP will be interesting as the cab front the first version was incorrect; essentially the end gangway was too small leading to the driver & secondman’s forward observation lights being incorrectly positioned.

    As somebody has already posted a 4 SUB would have been nice but at least my wallet isn’t going to scream too much this year….

    1. I just hope that Hornby move the motor bogie to the brake end which will disguise it more so than in the passenger saloon at present.

      1. It won’t disguise it that much – the Guards area is more towards the middle of the coach than the end and on the ‘refurbished’ VEPs the luggage / parcels space was converted into a seating area with large windows provided!

        If we were talking about an ‘as built’ VEP though then your observations would be valid…

  5. Graham,

    In terms of coach number S7842S I can provide a little extra information.

    It appears to have been built at Eastleigh 1st July 1932 thence converted (at Eastleigh) between 9th May 1947 and 19th June 1947.

    Outshopped Lancing in CLC livery 7th December 1954.

    Probably outshopped BR(S) Green 12th August 1957 (instead of a varnish with damage repair). It was withdrawn on 1st December 1962.

    Kind regards, Colin

    1. Colin,
      S7842S was built as Dining Third 7867 in 1927, renumbered as Open Third 1366, and then as you say, converted to Composite Dining Saloon 7842 in 1947.

      I’d missed the announcement of 7844 in SR Malachite, which is great to see. Now showing as delivery Summer 2023 on Hornby’s web site 🙁

      Just need Hornby to make the Buffet Car conversions to go with 7844 and S7842S 🙂

  6. The Isle of Wight terrier is a very nice addition even if the coaches are a little suspect. It will go nicely with my Slaters kit of an IWC brake van. (Slaters 4032 MR 10 ton brake van painted as IWC No. 5 (ex MR) for those not in the know).

    1. Hornby stopped producing anything in N Gauge since the short lived Liddle End range a few years ago as it’s never really been their market. Even the 5-bell emu was technically an Arnold brand model

  7. Graham,

    In terms of coach number 7844 I can provide a little extra information.

    It appears to have been built at Eastleigh 6th June 1930 thence converted (at Eastleigh) between 29th September 1947 and 18th November 1947.

    If my reading of the records is correct it was outshopped Lancing in CLC livery 4th February 1955.

    Probably outshopped BR(S) Green 17th September 1957 (instead of a varnish).

    Kind regards, Colin

    1. Colin,
      Again this was a 1927-built Restaurant Third, 7869, becoming Open Third 1368, and then as you say, converted to Composite Dining saloon 7844 in 1947.

  8. Having trawled through my usual retailers it seems pre-orders are not possible at the moment due to Hornby falling out over honouring orders with dealers. No doubt this will resolve eventually, its a good job I did not want much.

    1. Hornby initially provided an allocation to retailers that was quite low numbers for many items and then increased the numbers slightly a week later before reducing them again last week, so many retailers have stopped taking anymore pre orders.

  9. Thanks for this list, Colin has introduced me to your site and i cannot believe i haven’t come across it before, i look forward to browsing through in detail. The twin Terrier pack featuring Poplar will be nice to look out for on Ebay or elsewhere now the boat has sailed, otherwise my real wish is an original version of Fenchurch in 00, the Dapol 0 gauge offering looked stunning on the display counter of the Bluebell Railway shop 🙂
    The South Eastern resin building range looks mostly good. The main building i believe is based on Frant and seems to tick the boxes, the footbridge i’m not sure on and the waiting shelter looks like a good example of the typical SER shelter still to be found all over Kent. The Signalbox is an annoyance really and i’m very into my SR Signalling, the example they’ve chosen is far from a good example of a SER box, it is 95% Robertsbridge Signalbox on the Tonbridge to Hastings line (and one that i work in as a Relief Signalman). The end windows opposite the steps are incorrect and probably skimped owing to a lack of good views of that end. Robertsbridge is a Saxby and Farmer type 12a which was extended in 1974 when the lever frame required extending, it’s of a type used extensively in kent by the SER, but hardly a box of that company, it is certainly the worst possible example of a 12A to model owing to its extended/altered profile. A true SER box would be of the vertical sash window type still to be found in places such as Bopeep Junction and Snodland. Rye or Tenterden Town (formally Chilham) would have been better examples of S+F 12A if that design was desired for the range.

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