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This coming  weekend,  8th / 9th March, Fisherton Sarum will  be attending the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Model Railway Society show being held at the Aldworth Science College, Basingstoke, RG22 

The ex LSWR shed style of Fisherton Sarum is the same as built at Basingstoke

The ex LSWR shed style of Fisherton Sarum is the same style as built at Basingstoke

Basingstoke is of course on the same ex London South Western Railway / Southern  Railway South West mainline as, the inspiration for Fisherton Sarum, Salisbury. The steam shed at Basingstoke was also of the same, turn of the century, LSWR design and construction style as at Salisbury along with Eastleigh and Plymouth Friary.


A view across the shed yard yard towards the coal stage, turntable and watertank.

The identifiable features of all these sheds, despite being different sizes, were the glazed gable ends, ,brickwork style, rooflights and ventilators. Fisherton Sarum should, therefore,  feel quite at home at this show.  A similar watertank build could be found at Eastleigh whilst the wooden coal stage style could also be found at both Eastleigh and Plymouth Friary.

Fisherton Sarum is not the only Southern / Southern Region related layout at the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Model Railway Society show  as amongst the 50 layouts attending are the following:
Lee-on-the Solent – P4, branch line terminus set around 1923
Botleigh Old North Road – 00, another shed layout set this time in  the 1960’s
Manston Airport – 00, Southern Region steam in the 1950’s / 60’s with airplanes too
Ashbury Brook – EM,  1937 Southern steam on the ex Devon and Cornwall Railway

The doors of the exhibition are open to the public between 10:00 and 17:00 (16:00 on the Sunday) and as usual I look forward to meeting those of you coming along.

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There are some who will wonder why we do it… we spend hours building a layout and its rolling stock to then transport it miles around the country, set it up, intensively operate it then pack it all away again and transport it back home.  No matter how careful we are some damage will inevitably occur to something along the way.  The reason why I do it, is for the enjoyment of exhibiting something I have built, have fun operating the layout with my family and friends and to meet a wide range of fellow modellers, many of whom have a common interest in all things Southern, and it is great that they take the time to show an interest in what I have done.

Last week Fisherton Sarum was at the excellent Watford Finescale exhibition, amongst a very high calibre of other layouts,  it was a very enjoyable weekend. I met and chatted with a number of readers of this blog and it is always great to see you.

As the title of this post implies there was a couple of casualties at the weekend, which is something I come to expect and do not generally get too upset about, some things  get fixed / replaced on the spot such as wires coming adrift or couplings breaking as it is necessary to keep the layout working. Others such as physical damage (although amazingly a once dropped locomotive only suffered a broken coupling that was fixed on the spot), broken detail (even when trying to avoid handling stock as much as possible), failed locomotives (although they all get cleaned and tested before each show) get put to one side for fixing at a later date.

My rake of SR Dia. 1774 40T ballast hoppers behind a Drummond T14 class 4-6-0

My rake of SR Dia. 1774 40T ballast hoppers behind a Drummond T14 class 4-6-0

One of my signature rakes is the Meldon Ballast train of SR diagram 1774 40T bogie hoppers, made from modified Lima Sealion wagons. These were fitted with Ratio diamond frame bogies (as they were the only ones of the type available at the time) and over time have proved to be quite fragile due to their method of construction and last weekend I was down to only 4 of the 8 usually in service.  I have now this week had a pleasant evening replacing the damaged bogies with replacements from Cambrian Models, these comprise of a single piece moulding for the bogie itself which should be far stronger in exhibition service, and I am now back to a full rake of eight 40T hoppers.

Although such damage is / can be frustrating it is all part of the hobby when exhibiting and does mean a little extra time modelling to put things right again but sometimes this can result in an improvement to the models such as the case of the Cambrian Models bogies.

Fisherton Sarum will once again be hitting the road on 8th / 9th March 2014 for the  Basingstoke and North Hampshire Model Railway Society show being held at the Aldworth Science College, Basingstoke, RG22 6HA  and if you are popping by please say hello as it’s always nice to chat.

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It was with some guilt and embarrassment that I had, at the last minute,  to pull out from exhibiting at the Basingstoke and North Hants MRS exhibition last March due to illness.  I am now pleased to advise confirmation of Fisherton Sarum attending next years show on 8th /9th March 2014 instead.

Fisherton Sarum - LR - 10I am very much looking forward to making amends with attendance at their show next year, Basingstoke is of course on the same ex LSWR / Southern  South West mainline as Salisbury. The Steam shed at Basingstoke was also of the same turn of the century LSWR design style as Salisbury along with Eastleigh and Plymouth Friary. Therefore Fisherton Sarum should feel quite at home at this show and my exhibition diary page on here has also been updated to reflect this addition to the list of shows that Fisherton Sarum will be attending.

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I am now able to confirm that I have accepted an invitation to exhibit Fisherton Sarum at the  Salisbury and South Wilts Railway Society exhibition in May 2014. As well as meaning Fisherton Sarum will be returning once again to its spiritual home (see my recent from the archive post about its appearance on Salisbury Station in 2009) the exhibition will also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Salisbury and South Wilts Railway Society.

Fisherton Sarum - LR -  25The exhibition is being held on Sat 10th and Sun 11th May 2014, at the Michael Herbert Hall, South Street, Wilton and being their  golden anniversary should hopefully be a special event.
Due to many other commitments I do not  tend to exhibit Fisherton Sarum more than 3 or 4 times a year. Its next outing this year is the Basingstoke and North Hants MRS on 9th / 10th March 2013 at the Aldworth Science College, Basingstoke, RG22 6HA. Further details of Fisherton Sarum on tour can be found here on the exhibition diary page. If you are planning to visit any of the listed shows please come and say hello.

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