Kernow Models O2 update and first CADs

The Kernow Model Centre have today released the first off CAD images of the forthcoming Admas O2 commissioned model and have also advised further information as below. It should be noted that being the first off there are still a number of corrections and amendments that are likely to be required.

The CAD drawings  have been produced from the data collected during the laser scan of Calbourne carried out at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway last autumn. Once these  have amended these with any corrections required they  will move on to produce individual cad-cams for each variant to be produced.

Unfortunately the cost of tooling these models has risen by almost 40%, mainly due to the changes in labour conditions and working practices in China. Kernow Model Centre  therefore regret that they cannot absorb a price rise of this magnitude and have been forced to increase the price of the O2 model to £119.99. This price will be reduced to £104.99 for pre-orders placed prior to delivery of the final model. They will continue to honour the pre-order price for their loyal customers who had already pre-ordered this model prior to July 2012, subject to no taxation changes such as VAT increases.

In response to demand an additional variant has been added to the five models previously announced. This will be number 30193 with an early emblem for the benefit of modellers who want an early emblem O2 without pull-push equipment.

Kernow Model centre  have received many requests for a pull-push fitted O2 with late crest, but to date no evidence has been found to  establish that such a version ever existed! Should positive information about this come to light then they certainly consider this request.

Realistically we do not think it likely that these models will be available before the end of this year and think it more likely that they will now be delivered during 2013.

The full list of the now six initial variants can be found and pre-ordered from the Kernow Models Website here

2 thoughts on “Kernow Models O2 update and first CADs

  1. Cads at first glance look very good overall body shape size and look is there, Having worked with Calbourne for 3 years.. I can see a few bits that need tending to, All be these are only small things.. and Im sure that Kernow and Dapol will sort it out.
    The Westinghouse air pump, is a little big and too tall, which has been highlighted anyway, second thing is all be not 100% clear on the cad, the handrail, that goes around the side of the smokebox to behind the pump, is seperate to where to straight part of the hand rail where the pipe to the westinghouse pump connects… of which i have images of 😉 As I say only small things but im sure they will sort it out. But least the chimney looks good on this one 😉

    1. Hi Matt

      these are the very fist CADs from the laser scan and there are a number of things that will be corrected as the design stage progresses.

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