Hornby 2013 release R3160XS Rebuilt West Country Class – now 34108 Wincanton – a confirmation

Further to my post here on 17th December announcing the Hornby SR/BR(s) planned releases for this coming year it should be noted that I edited that post 21/12/12 with respect to the planned release R3160XS Rebuilt West Country Class No.34046 “Braunton” DCC Sound fitted in BR Brunswick Late Crest livery (Qtr1).

I have noticed on some confusion / incorrect information has arisen elsewhere on various internet forums and news pages, I therefore reiterate that, following communication with Simon Kohler at Hornby, this release will now appear as 34108 Wincanton.

This is due to the fact that during the proposed late crest time period 34046 would have been paired to a rebodied 5250 gallon tender. This is a tender type not currently tooled by Hornby hence the change. I hope this clarifies the situation and Hornby should be congratulated for making this amendment following advice given.

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