Summer again comes soonest in the South…

With once again a respectful nod to the 1936 Southern Publicity Department, I am soon heading very south (well about 2 and half  hours and some 870 miles roughly south east in fact) for some vini, prosciutto, guanciale, Parmigiano-Reggiano (should help you guess where), exploration including a few spectacular ruins,  rest, relaxation and hopefully some sun and sea too. There will as a result be a break in posts (with the exception of possibly a surprise announcement early next week)  in my humble corner of the interweb and blogospehre, with normal service being resumed week commencing the 29th June.

summer posterThe now famous Southern Railway publicity poster  ’I’m Taking and Early Holiday cos I know Summer Comes Soonest in the South’, was first released in 1936. It was dubiously parodied later by the Late and Never Early Railway, imitation being… etc. etc.

The Photograph, originally in black and white, was  taken in 1924 by Charles E Brown and shows a small boy carrying a suitcase on the platform at Waterloo station talking to the fireman of N15 King Arthur class 4-6-0 locomotive No 755 ‘The Red Knight’, as he leans from the cab. The Southern Railway publicity department had the image coloured for use on this poster the hint of the black and white original can be seen beyond the locomotive.

I know this post is a cheat, as this is a repeat of a similar post from the last few summer vacations, but I am already in holiday mode. If you are also about to head off on vacation or have one planned over the summer months then enjoy!

Just in case you get withdrawal symptoms feel free to click here to view a totally random post,

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