Hornby announce 2019 range including brand new ex LBSC A1/A1x Terrier and Bulleid 59ft coaches and ex LSWR Diagram 1543 20/24T brake van [Updated 11/01/19]

Hornby have today announced their full range for 2019.  The highlights  from a Southern Railway perspective being the brand new tooled ex LBSC A1 / A1x 0-6-0T “Terrier” (in direct competition with the announcement earlier this year of the Rails of Sheffied / Dapol version) Bulleid 1945 built 59ft ‘shortie’ coaching stock, Diagrams 2316 and 2121, and the ex LSWR Warners 20T / SR 24T Diagram 1543 brake vans.

The Hornby continental Arnold range in 1/148 N Gauge also sees a welcome reintroduction of the 5BEL Brighton Belle Set, in the 1934 livery as set 2053.

The aim of this post is to round-up the announcements that are of a Southern Railway / Southern Region interest and new for 2019, I have purposely not relisted those item previous announced and or still to actually appear. An indication of the planned release date via the Quarter system (eg [Q2] is also provided.


In a surprise move the range includes new tooling for the ex LBSC A1/A1x Terrier, the tooling incorporates many of the changes within this class of locomotives in service and preservation. There are also of course a number of new liveries of existing tooling:

  • R3649 – BR 4-6-2 ‘Ellerman Lines’ ‘35029’ Merchant Navy (Original Air Smoothed) – BR Brunswick Green, early crest representing the condition she ran in between July 1952 and June 1959 when she was rebuilt. [Q4]
  • R3716 – BR 4-6-2 ‘Holland America Line’ ‘35022’ Merchant Navy (Original Air Smoothed) – BR Brunswick Green, early crest representing the condition she ran in between February 1952 and June 1959 when she was rebuilt. [Q3]
  • R3717 – SR 4-6-2 ‘Aberdeen Commonwealth’ ‘21C7’ Merchant Navy (Original Air Smoothed) – SR Wartime Black, original ‘widows peak- front end with no smoke deflectors representing the condition she ran in between July 1942 and August 1944 when she gained short flared smoke deflectors and the standard style hood over the smokebox [Q3]
  • R3732 – BR 4-6-0 ”Sir Walter Raleigh” No. 30852, Maunsell Lord Nelson Class in in BR Brunswick Green with early crest,  Lemaitre chimney, smoke deflectors and high sided tender. Representing the condition she ran between December 1951 and October 1958 [Q4]
  • R3733 – BR 4-6-0 ‘Robert Blake’ No. 30855 Maunsell Lord Nelson Class in BR Brunswick Green with late emblem,  Lemaitre chimney,  smoke deflectors and high sided tender. Representing the condition she ran between  August 1958 and withdrawal in October 1961 [Q4]
  • R3731 BR 0-4-0T No. 31177 H Class in BR lined black with early crest, pull push fitted [Q3]

  • R3780 A1 class 0-6-0T No. 655″Stepney” “terrier in LBSC Stroudly improved engine ‘green’ livery with above footplate sandboxes [Q1]
  • R3782 ex LBSC 0-4-0T A1 class No. 751  “Terrier” in SECR Lined green with above footplate sandboxes [Q1]
  • R3783 SR 0-6-0T No. 2662 A1X class “Terrier” in SR post 1931 lined olive green with below footplate sandboxes [Q1]

  • R3767 BR 0-6-0T No. 32655 A1X class “Terrier” in BR Lined Black with early crest  (new tooling) [Q1]

  • R3768 BR 0-6-0T No. 32636 A1X class “Terrier” in BR Lined Black with late emblem (new tooling) [Q1]
  • R3781 K&ESR 0-6-0T No. 5 A1 Class “Terrier” “Rolvenden” in K&ESR Blue [Q1]


Being introduced from brand new tooling for 2019 are the Bulleid 59ft ‘Shortie’ coaches. These were part of 18 three coach sets, formed Diagram 2121 BTK – Diagram 2316 CK –  Diagram 2121 BTK, with set numbers 963 to 980. They were ordered in 1944 utilising Maunsell 59ft underframes that were originally constructed in 1940, then stored, when further construction was suspended by the war. Whilst similar in layout to previous Maunsell coaches, with doors for each compartment on the non corridor side (known as Multi-door) , externally they featured the new Bulleid bodyside profile. Bulleid new profile had already been introduced on the 4 Sub EMU set 4101 in 1941 with the body having a continuous curve from floor to cantrail and the characteristic lozenge shaped toplights over the droplight windows.
Hornby are releasing versions to correctly form Sets 965 and 973 in SR ‘Malachite’ green and Sets 968 and 972 in BR(s) green. The BR(s) versions include revised tooling to include: recessed / flush door toplights, later guards door handrail styles, rainstrips, end steps and the reinforcing beading added along the sides at waist the line.
[update 07/01/19] Additional livery historical information kindly supplied by Colin Watts:
Set 965 (Malachite) to Crimson and Cream (CLC)  March 1956 then to BR(S) Green  June 1958
Set 968 (Malachite) to CLC December 1953 then to BR(S) Green July 1957
Set 972 BR(S) Green from CLC February 1958
Set 973 BR(s) Green from CLC November 1957
These are a logical extension to the Hornby range who already have the details of the underframe and SR standard 8ft bogies from their excellent Maunsell coach range.

3d Test print of the Bulleid 59ft BTK. Picture courtesy A York
3D test print of the Bulleid 59ft CK. Picture courtesy A York
  • R4882 – SR Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2316 corridor composite No. 5711 from Set 965 in SR ‘Malachite’ green livery [Q2]
  • R4882A – SR Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2316 corridor composite No. 5719 from Set 973 in SR ‘Malachite’ green livery [Q2]
  • R4884 – SR Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. 2845 from Set 965 in SR ‘Malachite’ green livery [Q2]
  • R4884A – SR Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. 2846 from Set 965 in SR ‘Malachite’ green livery [Q2]
  • R4884B – SR Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. 2861 from Set 973 in SR ‘Malachite’ green livery [Q2]
  • R4884C – SR Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. 2862 from Set 973 in SR ‘Malachite’ green livery [Q2]
  • R4886 – BR(s) Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2316 corridor composite No. S5714S from Set 968 in BR(s) green livery [Q2]
  • R4886A – BR(s) Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2316 corridor composite No. S5718S from Set 972  in BR(s) green livery [Q2]
  • R4888 – BR(s) Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. S2851S from Set 968 in BR(s) green livery [Q2]
  • R4888A – BR(s) Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. S2852S from Set 968 in BR(s) green livery [Q2]
  • R4888B – BR(s) Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. S2859S from Set 972 in BR(s) green livery [Q2]
  • R4888C – BR(s) Bulleid 59′ Diagram 2121 corridor brake 3rd  No. S2859S from Set 972 in BR(s) green livery [Q2]
  • [updated 08/01/19] R4816a Maunsell Kitchen Dining First No.7865 Diagram 2656 in unlined olive green [Q1]
  • R4817A – BR Maunsell Kitchen Dining First Number S7858S Diagram 2651, in BR(s) Green. [Q1]
  • R4904 – Pullman ‘K’ Type ‘New Century Bar’, 8 wheel. In July 1946 the original 8 wheeled ‘TRIANON BAR’ after being displaced from the Golden Arrow set, re-entered service as the NEW CENTURY BAR (second version) on the Ostend boat train, remaining in service until 1952. It was then transferred to Waterloo for use with Southampton cross Channel boat train services. [Q4]

EMU Packs

  • R3699 – BR(s) 2 Hil, Unit 2611 in BR(s) green livery. This hybrid unit was formed when 2 Hal unit 2611 was involved in a collision  with 2 Bil unit No. 2113 in late 1959 and the undamaged 2 Hal Driving Motor Brake Third (DMBT) No. 10729 and 2 Bil Driving Trailer Composite (DTC) No. 12146 were paired as a 2 Hil unit until March 1961 before it reverted back to a 2 Hal unit after its original DTC No. 12196 was repaired [Q4]

  • R3700 – SR 2 Bil, Unit 2152 in SR lined olive-green livery. Unit 2152 comprised of DMBT No. 10718 and DTC No. 12185. It was the last in the series and was introduced in November 1938 for the London Waterloo  – Reading services [Q4]
  • The Class 373 Eurostar also makes a reappearance, from original tooling, in the latest livery as a driving power car train pack and a centre coach pack


The 2019 range also sees new tooling for the LSWR/SR/BR(s) Warner 20 ton goods brake van. 75 of this type of van were built between 1915 and 1921. They were known to staff as ‘New Vans’ a name which they kept well into the 1950’s! They were up-rated to 24T by the Southern Railway and became SR Diagram 1543.
[Update 11/01/19] tooling allows for variations across the buffer shanks, differing lamp brackets and fix lamps, documents holders, welded and rivetted duckets as well as disc and spoked wheels.

Dia 1543 3D test print. Picture courtesy A York
  • R6911 – LSWR 20 Ton Warner ‘New Van’  goods brake van, No. 9646, in LSWR goods brown livery [Q4]
  • R6911A – LSWR 20 Ton Warner ‘New Van’ goods brake van, No. 5359, in LSWR goods brown livery [Q4]
  • R6913 – SR Diagram 1543, 24 Ton Brake Van, No. 55062, in SR Pre 1936 goods brown livery [Q4]
  • R6913A – SR Diagram 1543, 24 Ton Brake Van, No. 55009, in SR Pre 1936 goods brown livery [Q4]
  • R6915 – BR Diagram 1543, 24 Ton Brake Van, No. S55040, in BR unfitted grey livery [Q4]
  • R6915 – BR Diagram 1543, 24 Ton Brake Van, No. S55032, in BR unfitted grey livery [Q4]
  • R6840A – BR ex SR Cattle truck –  Bauxite livery, No. S52347 – Bulleid diagram 1530. [Q1]

TTS DCC Sound decoders

  • R7141 TTS Sound Decoder – Merchant Navy Pacific [Q2]

Arnold N Gauge 1.148 scale 

The 5Bel Brighton Belle Set is reintroduced, in the 1934 livery as set 2053. Although primarily a continental Brand Arnold part of the Hornby Hobbies group are producing these units in the more usual UK N gauge scale of 1:148. Supplied as driving car pack numbers Motor Parlour 3rd Brakes No. 92 and No. 93 and an intermediate three car pack comprising of First Kitchen Cars ‘Mona’ and ‘Gwen’ and 3rd Parlour No. 85.


Other new tooling for 2019

In addition to the Southern Related items above the new 2019 Hornby range also features the following new tooling items, including a building on the success of the industrial 0-4-0ST Peckett W4, two more industrial locomotives:

  • Peckett B2 0-6-0T (3 liveries)

    Picture courtesy A York
  • Ruston 48DS 0-4-0 supplied with match truck including additional pick ups (four liveries)

    Picture courtesy A York
  • LMS Princess Royal 4-6-2
  • GWR Large Prairie 2-6-2T 51xx/61xx class
  • LMS 20T brake van
  • GWR 57′ bow-ended non-gangwayed stock
  • BR Mk.IIf coaches
  • Refurbished BR Mk.III with automatic doors

Certainly an ambitious plan that shows confidence and positivity within Hornby as it heads to its centenary in 2020. The full Hornby 2019 range can be found on the Hornby website here or RMweb here

61 thoughts on “Hornby announce 2019 range including brand new ex LBSC A1/A1x Terrier and Bulleid 59ft coaches and ex LSWR Diagram 1543 20/24T brake van [Updated 11/01/19]

  1. Thank you once again Graham, for sorting out all the SR stuff for us. There’s one little boo-boo I can see so, just for the record, 35022 was the fourth Rebuild, released to traffic on 16/6/56 so she is to be modelled in the condition she ran from Feb 52 and June 56 rather than June 59.

    Happy New Year!

    Jeremy English

    1. David Brown in the section of one of his ‘Southern Electrics’ volumes dealing with the Bil and Hal units describes how the local spotters in his area (Portsmouth iirc) referred to the hybrid units formed from Hal and Bil vehicles as a 2Hil or 2Bal depending on which type the motor car came from. He also says that these designations also appeared thus in an Ian Allan abc. All totally unofficial of course.

  2. Fairly slim pickings for those of use with immediate pre-war SR interests, but nice to see continued support for SR!

      1. Hi Robert yes this has now appeared (it wasn’t included in the pre information) I have updated the post to include it.

      2. IIRC they plied their way more on the London-SW routes. But nothing to not invoke rule #1 for central/eastern I guess!

  3. By the way, I see Hornby themselves have made a bigger boo-boo by referring to 35023 as “Holland America Line” although their illustration gets it right as 35022.

      1. Hi Graham, that’s good news indeed! I wonder how these will stack up against the Dapol/Rails tooling?

  4. In terms of the 59′ Bulleid coaches set 965 was outshopped from malachite to CLC mid-March 1956.

    I’ll see if I can obtain dates for the other sets (968 /972 would have been outshopped on BR(S) green 1957 or later).

    1. As promised set liveries….

      Set 965 (malachite)
      SR Green to CLC outshopped March 1956
      CLC to BR(S) Green outshopped June 1958

      Set 968 (malachite)
      SR Green to CLC outshopped December 1953
      CLC to BR(S) Green outshopped July 1957

      Set 972 (green)
      SR Green to CLC outshopped July 1953
      CLC to BR(S) Green outshopped February 1958

      Set 973 (green)
      SR Green to CLC outshopped August 1955
      CLC to BR(S)) Green outshopped 1957

      1. Sorry didn’t see your update, hopefully Hornb6 might do a set in Malachite. With BR numbers!

    2. Dear Colin if you could confirm when (and if ) The sets were shopped in CLC that would be a big help when Hornby do some CLC sets thanks

      1. Iain,

        My 15:09hrs posting gives the painting dates from malachite into CLC thence into BR(S) green.

        Some sets did not receive CLC livery (set 974 appears to be one example).

        I hope this helps.

  5. What were the workings for the Bulleid coaches and the LSW brake van? Were they seen in the south west?

    1. The Bullied Shorties were used on SW main line and cross country services ended up on branch line services and also the Somerset and Dorset as well. The LSWR brake vans stayed mainly the South West.

      1. Further to Graham’s reply the 1957 SWD CWN (Carriage Working Notice) states:

        Waterloo – West of England
        Waterloo – Weymouth

        In other words most of the South Western Division (SWD)!

      2. By 1963 (possibly even from 1959) eleven of these ‘Bulleid multi-door’ sets were allocated to S&D services replacing Maunsell sets. These being 963, 964, 965, 966, 967, 968, 969, 970, 971 & 972.

        Some sets were used Guildford – Horsham – Brighton services.

        By mid-1963 sets 974 /973 appeared to have been strengthened to six coaches (with Maunsell SK coaches) for use on Margate – Wolverhampton services. 976 to six-car for Hastings – Eastbourne – Birmingham.

        Sets 973, 977, 978 979 and 980 were also lengthened by this time for SWD services (as were the 64′ versions 981, 982, 983 & 984 with 1934/5-type Maunsell SK stock).

        Many were withdrawn end-1963 with some loose coaches surviving into 1967..

  6. I’m somewhat surprised to see Hornby releasing two more Original MNs in BR green livery, on top of two in the first batch. What’s the betting that one of these will be “revised” and be issued in BR blue?!

    Jeremy English

  7. Still hoping for 35004 and 35006 in BR early crest livery, I think I’m right in saying this livery has all been in the 35021-30 configuration. . The multidoor coach sets are very welcome as is the “new” 1543 SR brake van. Looks like a few industrials will sneak their way into my purchases.

    1. Hi Robert

      I am sure further first series Merchant Navy’s in later guises will appear in later years, but they will require slight tooling modifications to reflect the front end modifications with the various styles of smoke deflectors and smokebox cowl.

  8. I have to admit to liking the look of the 0-4-0 diesel shunters, let us hope that Hornby have overcome the endless stream of issues due to lack of quality control and bad motors. If they have an 0-4-0 will be arriving here provided the price is good 🙂

  9. Very pleased to see the Bulleid short sets being produced, a perfectly logical move with the 59ft underframe available. It will be interesting to see how well Hornby do with that tricky curve to the bodyside. A shame there is no SR malachite MN from the 2nd series to go with the Bulleid stock (yet!)


  10. Graham, many thanks for this digestible summary. On some sites (e.g. Rails) there’s R4816A SR Maunsell Restaurant Car 7865, available January 2019. The images show another unlined olive carriage, but rumours were that we might see one in lined olive. Do you know anything about this?

      1. Thanks, Graham – was rather hoping it would be lined, to go better with all the other Maunsell carriages (particularly the Open Thirds which which they were usually paired).

      2. I agree I’m also surprised this one wasn’t lined but I think this and the BRs version is just a quick win rerun to meet initial demand

  11. Hi Muz, of course you forgot to mention that IEPs have got onto the Southern (Basingstoke to Eastleigh) 😉 and a lot of the modern stuff has been seen all over the Southern! Simon

  12. Hi Graham, The illustration of 35029 Ellerman Lines shows the existing Hornby 6000gal tender. However in 1952 it was paired with tender 3129 which I believe is a 5100gal tender. If I am correct will Hornby model the correct tender or change the model to a different more suitable name ? I have planned to convert Clan Line to 35029 and have purchased the nameplates and a Golden Arrow 5100gal tender but will now wait to see what Hornby do. Richard Allen

  13. It’s nice to see the merchant navy in Southern black as there aren’t too many livery variations pre nationalisation for air smoothed Bulleids. It’s on my shopping list.

    I also wonder if they will do a 2-4-0 version of the terrier in due course which will also make an interesting variation on a theme.

    On another point I arrived back from track laying on the Bluebell on saturday to find the SR liveried Hornby Lord Nelson had arrived which looks great, runs very well and was a perfect end to the day. Well done Hornby from me!


  14. Regards the Ellerman Lines Tender Trap, I hope Hornby will produce the correct 5100gal tender for the period portrayed.
    Ellerman is extremely useful in this unrebuilt condition as it was a very late rebuild and can correctly be run urebuilt alongside most rebuilt Merchant Navy locos. I wouldn’t want to see it simply renamed to a different third series member of the class which retained the 6000gal tender, rebuilt much earlier.

    I do however sympathise with all the researchers who have been caught out recently by the minefield of Bulleid tender changes.

  15. Good to see the shortie sets….. Now just wondering as there is a non corridor tooling….. Could we see maybe a 4SUB

  16. I am thinking of when these are with the discounters out with a razor saw and who never knows…..

  17. Brilliant details of the Bulleid Shorties…Thank you, Graham; very helpful..Did any of the depicted sets (965/973 and 968/972) run on Western section metals into Exeter or beyond at any time?

    1. There was no restriction on these sets west of Exeter although they were soon relegated onto Waterloo – Salisbury/Waterloo – Weymouth services (c.1947-on). However, for many years the 64′ multi-door versions were used on Brighton /Portsmouth – Plymouth services.

      As an aside as time progressed (and like many Bulleid coaches) the multi-door stock had beading applied over the steel bodyside butt-joints. I wonder if Hornby has considered this feature?

      1. Hi Colin, yes the tooling includes for the beading and also the later revised Guards door handrails and this can be seen on the BRS images in my post.

  18. The LSWR brake vans have now arrived in the shops and a lot of people are disappointed that the LSWR and SR versions are in bauxite livery rather than dark brown>

    1. Robin, I have not received mine yet, hence no review on this blog, whilst I agree that the brown is incorrect and too light I wouldn’t call it Buaxite.

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