New exclusive LSWR Type 3a ‘Petersfield’ Scenecraft Signal Box in 00 available now from Kernow Model Rail Centre

The Kernow Model Rail Centre has today announced the release of exclusive commission from Bachmann Scenecraft in 00 of the ex London South Western Railway (LSWR) Type 3a, Grade two listed, signal box at Petersfield.

Petersfield Signal Box
A rear view of the Petersfield box
Setting the scene for the Petersfield signal box

The Petersfield type 3a signal box was built c1885 and is located on the Portsmouth Direct Line between Havent and Guildford (where of course the 2nd Kernow Model Rail Centre store opened in 2019).
Petersfield station was opened by the Portsmouth Railway in 1859, it was leased by the London & South Western Railway, who bought it outright in 1861. The station was extended and enlarged in 1864 to accommodate the traffic from the new Petersfield Railway to Midhurst.

The box is unique as it combines features of both ex LSWR type 2 and type 3 designs. It protects the Station Road level-crossing and it formerly controlled the junction of the Midhurst branch that was closed 1955. Although the closure of the goods yards occurred during the 1970s, the volume of passenger traffic and the need to guard the busy level-crossing has ensured that the signal box has remained in operation. It still contains a ten-lever Stevens (Railway Signalling Co.) frame and locking rack (c1880), together with a circuit diagram, blockshelf and block instruments.

Chris Trerise, Managing Director said: “The Petersfield signal box was a logical choice for us to commission due to its unique style and its location on the Portsmouth Direct Line local to our Guildford store” Chris continued: “We are pleased that our Guildford store has been able to remain fully open to our customers since the Covid-19 lockdown.

The exclusive to Kernow Model Rail Centre 44-074X Bachmann Scenecraft LSWR Signal Box – Petersfield costs £79.99  

This latest addition to compliments the LSWR Type 4 signal box “Bude” and also the LSWR Ground frame hut already exclusively available from the Kernow Model Rail Centre.


8 thoughts on “New exclusive LSWR Type 3a ‘Petersfield’ Scenecraft Signal Box in 00 available now from Kernow Model Rail Centre

  1. Having seen the model, it really is excellent, I think it’s a step up from the standard (but very good) finish of Scenecraft Models.

    Might get one and put a proper interior in it

  2. Just had a look through NR Records and the operation of Petersfield is quite interesting, whilst it has a 10 lever frame (interestingly off to one side of the Block Shelf), only Levers 8, 9 and 10 do anything (the Crossover & Associated shunts at the London end), the 5 other signals are controlled (I assume) by switches on the block shelf and it seems an SSI Interlocking.

    There’s also a 15 Lever Ground Frame at the Havant end of the layout (released by the box) that controls access to the Up Siding.

  3. I believe the actual signal box in Petersfield is looking for a new home as the land it is on is going to be developed. Pleasantly surprised that it exists as a model!

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