Dapol announce O Gauge exLSWR/SR/BR Adams B4 0-4-0 Dock tank.

This weekend at the second Gauge 0 Guild Virtual exhibition, Dapol announced that they are to produce an 0 Gauge version of the ex LSWR/SR/BR 0-4-0 Dock tank, These follow from their well received 00 gauge range, you can read my review here.

The B4 Class were produced in 3 batches (all overall classed as B4) commencing in 1891 as follows:B4 batch numbers 85 to 94D6, batch, finished in 1892, numbers 81, 95 to 100, 102, 103, 76, K14 batch, built 1907, numbers 82-4, 746/7 (later renumbered 101, 147).
Each batch had detail differences between them especially the last batch of 5 which had Drummond style boilers rather than Adams style, other detail differences included open / closed cab, cab roof profile (K14 batch) and buffers (appears to vary over lifetime).

Dapol have are initially producing six models in the first production batch:

  • 7S-018-001 – L & SWR B4 0-4-0T “NORMANDY” – As Preserved – Open Cab
  • 7S-018-002 – L & SWR B4 0-4-0T “CAEN” Southampton Docks lined brown 90
  • 7S-018-003 – B4 0-4-0T SOUTHERN Black 88
  • 7S-018-004 – B4 0-4-0T (Drummond Boiler) BR Early Emblem 30084
  • 7S-018-005 – B4 0-4-0T BR Late Crest 30096
  • 7S-018-006 – L & SWR B4 0-4-0T Lined Green 91

Normandy in preservation has an open cab whilst 88 and 90 both had closed cabs. 30096 before preservation in BR days had a closed cab that differs from 88 and 90 as it was modified from an open cab at the start of the war. 30084 being part of the later K14 batch originally had a Drummond boiler with dome mounted safety valves and a Drummond style chimney rather than the Adams stove pipe.

Dapol advise that the tooling will allow for four cab types, two different boilers, two forms of chimney as well as other prototypical features catered for such as water injectors and buffers. Hopefully but yet to be confirmed the 0 Gauge versions might also include, features missing / needing improvement: such as the tool box positions, extended lower middle lamp iron from the base of the smokebox and correct some of the cab sheets details, although again this might required more that four cab variants.

The specification includes:

  • Slide in PCB – With space for 2 x sugar cube speakers and a 21 pin decoder socket
  • Removable cab roof held in place with magnets to allow easy crew insertion
  • Highly detailed cab interior with fire box glow
  • High torque five pole skew wound motor driving the rear wheels
  • Fully compensated die-cast chassis to give excellent running capabilities
  • All wheel pick up
  • DCC Ready, DCC Fitted and DCC Sound Fitted models available

Expected Q2 in 2022.

Firstly, no I am not going to upsize Canute Road Quay and secondly more information about the B4 class can be read in my Talking Stock #38 Post here.

7 thoughts on “Dapol announce O Gauge exLSWR/SR/BR Adams B4 0-4-0 Dock tank.

  1. I hope the CAD’s that Dapol are showing on their video get sorted out (1) Dapol O Gauge L & SWR B4 0-4-0 Dock Tank – YouTube and will be corrected.
    7S-018-002 CAEN Brown 90 appears twice, once as an Open Cab with an Adams Boiler. I think the first appearance on the video should be for 7S-018-001 “Normandy” as preserved.
    They’re showing 7S-018-004 BR Early Crest 30084 the same as CAEN’s correct second appearance and 7S-018-003 Southern Green 88 with full cab and Adams Boiler instead of the correct Drummond Cab and Boiler carried by 30084. Also to be prototypically correct it should only have one tool box mounted on the left tank.
    Another small point that has come to light whilst I have been converting the OO model of 30096 to 30102 is a missing pipe which comes from the left hand side of the cab to the safety valve shown on pictures of both and other B4’s including CAEN 90. https://urlzr.mp/Zrb

    1. Hi Ian

      Yes they have god muddled up between Cad versions, I guess its information that went astray between the design and the marketing side or things.

  2. Hi Graham

    Out of interest do you know what that pipe highlighted here https://urlzr.mp/Zrb is for. ? Although in 4mm scale it is so small to could be ignored in 7mm I think it should really be represented. In your experienced how is it best to communicate that to Dapol.

    1. Hi Ian

      I must confess I am not sure what that pipe is as it does seem to be a later modification, and seems to go to the whistle manifold?

  3. Hi Graham

    I would have tended to agree with you, but a close look at CAEN no. 90 on page 104 of D. L. Bradley’s in 1931 shows it thus fitted.

  4. But then again I suppose it depends on how later, later is. Can’t see it on any late 1890’s, early 1900’s B4’s.

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