ex SECR D Class samples from Dapol/Rails of Sheffield/ Locomotion Models break cover

First announced in October 2019 and following amendments to the first livery samples, examples of all seven versions of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway D Class 4-4-0 from the Dapol production line have been received by Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield. These have now completed extensive running trials and final checking. Following approval, shipping from the factory can now commence.

Six versions are available to Pre-order through Rails of Sheffield:

  • 4S-027-001 Wainwright D Class SECR Green 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.488 (Pre Grouping Silk Finish)
  • 4S-027-002 Wainwright D Class Southern Lined Maunsell Olive Green 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1730
  • 4S-027-003 Wainwright D Class BR Sunshine Black 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.31731
  • 4S-027-004 Wainwright D Class BR Lined Black Early Crest 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.31574
  • 4S-027-005 Wainwright D Class SECR Grey (Scraped Beading) 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.726
  • 4S-027-006 Wainwright D Class Southern Sunshine 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1734

The preserved example No. 737 is currently on display at the National Railway Museum, York. This locomotive has been produced exclusively for Locomotion Models, which is part of the National Railway Museum.

On the whole these look very good and I am looking to receiving my SR Sunshine version (although I will be renumbering as the numbers size shown above do appear to be slightly too large). Definite improvements have been made since the initial livery samples were shown, especially with the colour rendition of SR Olive and the toning down of the bright handrails on some versions (although strangely not the BR lined black version). The only other issue that has been noted is also with respect to the BR lined black version in that the cycling lion early emblem is facing backwards on the right hand side, at the time these emblems usually faced forwards on both sides as it does on at least one photo I have seen for 31574. As these are production samples it is likely to be too late to amend this.


9 thoughts on “ex SECR D Class samples from Dapol/Rails of Sheffield/ Locomotion Models break cover

  1. There is a blunder with the lined black BR version of the D, 31574 in that the early BR emblem on the right hand side faces backwards when (unlike the later crest) the early emblem always faced forward.

  2. Hopefully the following livery errors will be sorted before full production: The numerals on the SR Maunsell green version (1730) are incorrect; the ‘3’ in particular is the later French style, not the rounded style. Even on the SECR grey version the numbers appear elongated compared to the style on photographs of the originals.
    One reference that is particularly useful is A Pictorial Record of Southern Locomotives by J H Russell which includes photos of both SECR 488 and SR 1730.
    That said No.488 looks fantastic in the full SECR lined green livery, very tempting and for £200 pounds I expect such perfection.


    1. Unfortunately I doubt they will be corrected as these appear to be production samples rather than livery samples and Dapols past record hasn’t been great in such areas, their Class 73 is a classic example.

  3. Oh dear. I was so looking forward to actually running some of these locos instead of just gazing at them in their boxes. But if they are too lightweight, bits fall off and wheels need changing, it won’t happen!
    They certainly look the part but at £200 each are they worth it?
    Will we see a glut of Ds on eBay in due course?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Some the comments and images I have seen have not been to encouraging, however I will reserve judgement until my version arrives and I can review fully.

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