’00’ Works to produce a R-T-R ex LSWR Adams A12 class “Jubilee” 0-4-2.

The ’00’ Works have produced a number of small batches of hand built Ready to Run locomotives including a variety of Southern classes, including most recently the LSWR 0330 classex London and South Western Drummond K10 4-4-0 and  ex LSWR Drummond D15 4-4-0 and also ex London Brighton and South Coast Railway Marsh I3 4-4-2 Tanks and They also produced, before Hornby, a brass Devon Belle Observation car which graces Fisherton Sarum.
The ’00’works have announced that they are to produce three versions of the ex London and South Western Railway Adams A12 class of 0-4-2 locomotives. There were eventually 90 members of the A12 class built in two batches, the first thirty  between 1887 and 1889 at  Nine Elms works had screw reversers,  with a further 60, with lever reversers, between 1892 and 1895 with 40 being built by the contractors Neilson & Co. They were known as Adams “Jubilees” as the first built in 1887 being the 50th year Jubilee of the Queen Victoria’s reign.
There were a number of details differences, as well the reverser between members of the class that included sanding arrangements, chimney’s (two types of stove pipe and later cast Drummond type) and tenders (small or large 3,000 gallon or 3,300 gallon). They were based at Nine Elms, Guildford, Basingstoke, Yeovil, Exmouth Junction, Strawberry Hill, Salisbury, Wadebridge and Plymouth, they proved successful and popular. Despite the great success of these 90 engines they were the only ones of 0-4-2 wheel arrangement that were ever built by or for the LSWR.

Withdrawals started in 1928 but four of the Neilson engines 618, 627, 629 & 636 survived into British Railways ownership but only just! One of these, 629, was one of seven locomotives withdrawn in January 1939 but reprieved in October of that year due to the increased demand for locomotives following the outbreak of war in September 1939. None of these four survivors carried a British Railways number. There was one other to exist longer in departmental use supplying steam to Eastleigh boiler yard as DS3191 (Ex No. 612) until November 1951.

The initial CAD 3D render published by 00 Works.
A12 No. 528 in SR Olive Green livery is turned on shed at Fisherton Sarum. She is built from a Nu-Cast kit
A12 No. 652 works a local stopping passenger on Fisherton Sarum

Initially three versions are being produced, due for production this year, with pre-orders available to be taken via their website:

  • LSWR Holly Green Lined No. 361, although the class would have been in LSWR passenger green liveries (Holly green was an LSWR Goods loco livery), that she would have carried until March 1925 when she gained SR Olive Green livery.
  • SR Olive Green No. 598 as she ran between between May 1925 and July 1934 if she has the ‘E’ prefix or between July 1934 and c1941 if without ‘E’ prefix (not confirmed at time of writing)
  • SR/BR Black [Sunshine] No. 629 as she carried c1941 and withdrawal in December 1948 (she had originally been withdrawn in January 1939 but reinstated in October the same year).

The will no doubt follow the earlier releases and will comprise of an all Metal cast body and fitted with a Coreless motor. The A12 will also come fitted with slimline Bachmann/Hornby type couplings which can be unscrewed to replace if required. Delivery is expected Summer 2021.

Previously the A12 was only available as a Nu-Cast white metal kit and a I have couple that could often be seen on Fisherton Sarum.

Past Southern locomotive produced by the ’00’ Works, some of which have since been produced or announced by the major manufacturers, has in addition to the 0330, K10,D15 and I3 mentioned above, included: N15, 700, C, H,  E4 and Adams Radial classes. The level of detail of these models has steadily improved over time, although is still not as high as we seem from the likes of Hornby or Bachmann, they have in the past filled gaps in the market and they should be applauded for taking on another LSWR / Southern prototype.

6 thoughts on “’00’ Works to produce a R-T-R ex LSWR Adams A12 class “Jubilee” 0-4-2.

  1. Delighted to see 00 Works are producing Adams Jubilees as I am modelling the Swanage Railway. Several Jubilees were allocated to Bournemouth and in the years leading up to World War l were frequently used on the Swanage Railway.

  2. Thanks for this interesting news post Graham. One point of detail, the L&SWR livery proposed is stated as “Holly Green”. A12 Jubilees were mixed traffic locomotives and were painted in passenger green: Adams passenger locomotive green (AKA “Pea Green”) and later Drummond passenger loco green (AKA “Royal Green”) but never the LSWR goods green (AKA “Holly Green”). OO Works/Mr Bruce may be aware of this and this could just be a typo, but if not, please do let them know. Refer to John Harvey’s “Southern Style, Part 1 London & South Western Railway”, D.L. Bradley “LSWR The Adams Classes”.

    1. In past discussions with Roderick his livery choices for the A12 models never came up.

      However, in terms of his K10 ‘small hopper’ one model was produced in BR lined black (although it was never carried) because of the demand by modellers for this livery. Only one K10 carried a BR number (in sunshine livery (albeit with Southern still on the tender) this being no.30382. Roderick did offer the ‘correctly liveried & numbered’ black K10 no.30382 with just one of these being sold……

  3. The subject of Jubilee liveries came up in conversation with Roderick last night and it appears most of the Jubilees started receiving mixed traffic line green from 1905-on.

    With most of his ‘LSWR customers’ interested in post-war livery the decision was made to produce the model in this livery rather than ‘as-built’. Indeed it appears that only one customer as inquired about a model in ‘as-built’ livery.

      1. Graham,

        I’ll ask more definitively although (amongst sources) he did include references to photographs from contemporary magazines. Certainly it piqued my interest!


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